2016: Player you're most excited to watch

jesse sue for sure

looking forward to seeing edwards in the new recruits.

I think Sirro will be much better off after his first year in the back row. I thought he looked strong the last 5 or 6 rounds after coming back from injury, seemed to adapt to his role much better. And I think Mitchell Moses is a potential leader, he was much more involved as the year went by last year. Reckon as the season goes on he’ll take on more responsibility in getting the team around the park. As for the new guys I’m looking forward to seeing Chee-Kam make the most of the opportunity.

In no particular order Rankin, Parahi, McConachie, Chee kam also

Sirro and Sue for mine. If these two kill it this year , it will lift our whole team.
We won’t have any problems with the likes of Woods and Grant with their experience . But if Siro and Sue lift to the next level, then our backs will have a field day (or year).

I am really excited to see Josh Addo-Carr show some speed on the wing. I am excited to see Brooks and Moses improve their game reading skills. I am Excited to see how the Ipswich boys Griffin and McConnachie and New Forward Recruits Joel Edwards and Tim Grant preform when given a chance to play in FG. I am excited to see how Heleta and Seve play when they get their chance in FG. I am excited to see how Woods captions the side. I am excited to see how fan favorites Tadesco and Curtis Sironen improve. I am also excited to see how David Nofoaluma, Kevin Niaqama and Tim simona perform. I am excited to see how Josh Aloiai will perform when given a chance in FG. And last but not least I am excited to see how Mania Cherrington will perform and improve at hooker.
I am also excited to see how Parahi goes in his transition to rugby League.

why don’t u just say ur excited for every player m8,
lol odd

So you’re excited by everyone in the squad except Buchanan, Swag?

@Balmain Boy:

So you’re excited by everyone in the squad except Buchanan, Swag?

I am excited to see the team improve as a whole because we have more forwards to help with our sometimes sloppy defence and to help the tigers get up the opponents side of field in attack.

I’m surprised more people haven’t said Rocket Rod Griffin. I’m hoping for a real fairy-tale type story of an older head coming back and making a fist of first grade.

I want to see players who have 100% earned their position and value it every week, who play hard until the 80th minute and don’t hang their heads. Sometimes it can be a bit tiresome watching young kids who are used to destroying juvenile opposition, but drop their bundle against seasoned opposition.

Ray Stone

Marion Seve


Ray Stone

Marion Seve

Have heard that Seve is training the house down and is a smoky for NRL selection

How does Seve go defensively ? Centre is one position you get found out if you’re not able to make one on ones

Seve is out apparently so scratch him off the list.
Signed to Broncos.

Rankin, would like to see him in the centres at some stage.

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