J. Hayne

Saw Hayne on facebook the other day. He was at Cronulla. What could this mean?

Wow, Col and Facebook. Well I never.


Wow, Col and Facebook. Well I never.

Don’t get carried away. My sister saw him near the beach and got a picture with him.

Um are you sure it was him?
He was recalled yesterday into the top 52 man squad for the 49ers to play tomorrow……


If not, he has a twin.

Maybe same train, different carriage …… :roll


If not, he has a twin.

Can’t trust Facebook Col….

Heard he was going to Manly, if you are going to ignore the cap, go all in I say……

Lol….great fail this thread

You all know how it works

Seen wrestling Sharks your off to Cronulla

Seen wearing cowboys hats Cowboys

Seen horseriding Broncos

Seen in a Nissan Skyline Doggies

Seen patting a Panther Penrith

Seen patting a Tiger Wests Tigers

Seen watching the movie Titanic Titans

Seen shooting Sea Eagles Manly

Seen walking around in the dark Knights

Seen standing in the rain Storm

Seen practising Hakas Warriors

Seen in Church the Saints

Seen eating at Red Rooster Easts

Seen admiring planes Eels

Seen in Viking clothing Canberra

Seen watching Fatal Attraction Souths

Your all silly , you all should know the signs by now

Well Hayne is back on the active roster and about time
(I couldn’t find this thread a few hours back)

A late contender for thread of the year!

@happy tiger:

Seen walking around in the dark Knights

No wonder they are never linked to anyone!

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