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Swaggy has kicked off the year in style by forgetting to add a “P” to this sentence ….

swag tiger wrote:
I am raped with this signing hopefully he gets back to his best and can be a beast. He is just what we needed and what we wanted.

😲 Holy moly Swag…now that is dedication. Thanks for taking one for the team!
Good effort mate you have posted the quote of 2016 winner already and its only 9 days in :master:

Thanks Swaggy. Now No one can doubt your commitment to the WTs.
BTW was he a “beast and back to his best”? Like you hoped

The quote is so good you should just give me the honour already. Don’t bother waiting the rest of the year.

Yes Marzie that’s the right spelling lol I think he did mean it the way he wrote it originally.

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