It must be a Tiger's thing....

Did anyone just watch the Bengals just snatch defeat from the claws of victory with less than a minute to go?

Reminded me of that Poosters game I have tried to forget where Anasta kicked that freak field goal.

With about a minute to go, Bengals finally get in front.

They kick off and from the first play they take an intercept at the Steelers 20. The bloke who did it runs up into the change rooms with the ball. They have won the game.

All they had to do was hold onto the ball.

The VERY NEXT PLAY they drop the ball.

Steelers go up field.

Then two players have brain explosions and give away penalties and field position.

Steelers kick a field goal, they are back in front with 15 seconds to go.

I wouldn’t want to be a shop keeper in Cinci tonight.

Yeah I did 😦

To be fair, we did exceptionally well this year. Didn’t expect them to win the division.

They put themselves well behind to chase down in the first place though, might have been a different game if Dalton was fit but as they say in the old movies, “que sera, sera.”

Chiefs spanked Houston, go on to play the Pats next week. Can’t see them winning though.

Steelers v Broncos will be a ripper I reckon.

Yes watched it we imploded at the end of the game.Losing Dalton when we did cost us a first round bye.Typical Bengals so close and yet so far always next year i guess

Disappointing thought they could get a good run in the play offs … Nearly had that one a few of there players let them down, do like the way they play.

NFl hurts my head. Itching for our season to start.

I thought we were a chance this year with Geno fit, Dalton not throwing intercepts and Eifert scoring TDs. That went out the window as soon as Dalton broke his thumb.

Anyone watch Packers v Washington?

Christ that was a scrappy game at times. Close until the last quarter though.

Yeah I watched Packers/Redskins. can’t stand the sight of Aaron Rodgers hope he gets knocked on his arse next week.
Felt sorry for the Vikings kicker missing the game-winner against Seattle. At least Adrian Peterson’s fumble played a part in them losing…that piece of trash shouldn’t even be playing in the NFL anymore IMO.

clemson ’ tigers ’ and the red tide are 14-14 at half time in the national championship game. the tigers season is at 14 - 0 leading up todays game.

must be a tigers thing … clemson ‘tigers’ led at 3/4 time and have a winning record of 51 - 0 when leading at 3/4 time… except for today, the run is just about to end and the red tide are running away with the match.
tigers undefeated season comes undone in the grand final equivalent.

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