Jordan Grant

Anyone know much about him, how does he go?
Just reading the player profiles page…comes from a strong junior club.
Is he a chance to be seen in NRL this year?

I think he was one of our better forwards last year, it was his first year out of the NYC too. He has a pretty good motor too. Not sure he’ll see FG, I think Dallas Graham will get there before him. Josh Aloiai might be a chance IMO.

have watched young jordan play since he was 8 years old. his brother chad played for the 20s a few years back . he was crowned player of the year in the local A- GRADE penrith comp, thiss year.
jordan is a very good player and has a great will to win, he has a big motor. he can off load and hits well in defence. he also has a mean steak which will upset other teams. the only thing holding jordan back he has had a lot of injuries, but if he can sting a whole year together i think next year he will push for a 1st grade spot

He is big enough and he wont back down against other forwards, gives as good as he gets. He’s young and will only get better you would think.

One of our better young props, when fit. He needs to play 20+ games in nsw cup this season and then we’ll see where he’s at.

Coming along well and I like his productivity & attitude to his work… Pretty tight with the young boys in our NRL Squad.

I hope Graham gets his chance this year, and think Jordan might too if he works hard in Reggie’s.

great to see we have been growing our productions line of good young front rowers. I think Woods is still only 24, then you have Ava and Sue. Now Graham and Jordon Grant behind them. Our nursery has produced well in that department, of late.

I need to get back to watching some reggies games, used to go along quite often
Sounds promising Grant…hope he goes well this year

I still think JJ Felise is the best of all our young props. Powerful and huge work rate in attack and defence. Like a cross of Woods and Sue/Ava.

yes graham and grant should get 1st crack after the proven 1st graders, but JJ FELISE AND TATALO i think will be great in 2 years time enjoy watching them.

Always liked him. Big and aggressive, can certainly see him playing first grade at some stage. Bit of a surprise Buchanan was preferred ahead of him last year.

Decent back up player, will prob get a game at some stage, and will do a job.

Just minding a spot for Felise and Tatola who look to be NRL players of the future (especially Felise)

Sounds like we have a great bunch of young props coming through.

Our problem is trying to keep them all from other clubs.

Injuries plus SOO will give some of these fringe NRL players an opportunity to show their wares.

Props won’t be an issues from 2017-2029 I wouldn’t imagine.if everybody play to their potential , A gun centre or 2nd rower would be what stands between us and the finals.

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