Super League Kicks Off

Just watched Wigan V Catalans. A win for Wigan. Pretty ordinary game due to very poor pitch conditions. Richards playing with Catalans this season - couple of towering kickoffs that saw Wigan have 3 line dropouts from muffed kickoff returns. Sheenius’s Salford copped a hiding - looks like they are using WT defensive plan. From the highlights though Murdoch-Masila looked very damaging in attack running out wide off Lui.

How Pat Richards hasn’t been scouted by the NFL is beyond me. His kick offs in the NFL would be a sensation. He would force so many kick off fumbles.

Caught the tail end of this mornings game at Wigan, the surface was deplorable, not much going on in the way of drainage!, according to another Forum Sandow at Warrington was MOTH against Leeds!.

Saw a bit of Leeds v Warrington, Keithy looked real good, nearly scored…Sandow went well too.
Gids? LOL
Cuthbertson hasnt changed, great with the ball but pushes it too often

I caught the Salford v St Helens game today. Sheens, Lui, BMM and Flanagan reunited again. Salford flogged them 44-10 - their first win against St Helens at home ever. Koukash could be seen losing it on the sideline. They were on fire and there’s a real buzz around the place. Some very good attacking football on display (granted the usual paper-thin ESL defence on display).

It’ll be interesting to see if it was a one-off or if Sheens and Koukash can transform the cellar-dwellers into a formidable and winning team. Early days but I’ll be watching their games with interest this year.

PS: BMM looked great. Super League might suit him well. Couldn’t get a run in the NRL but he looked like Taumololo against weaker defence.

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