Brycey boy!

What a fantastic game from the big fella today. We needed a lift from the forwards in that 2nd half and Gibbo (along with fifita) brought it. Finally he’s getting to that level the some of us who had faith always knew he had inside him. He was running straight and hard like a demon today. More of that please Bruce.

On a side note, is KG carrying a hand injury? I noticed in the first half last week he went down clutching at his wrist and then didn’t make an impact in the 2nd half… and he looked to be struggling a bit today and at times tackling with one arm.

Bryce was MOM in my opinion and has been better all year so far , KG didnt seem to play as many minutes today and yes i thought he might have been carrying a niggle at least

gibbsy could play origin this year IMO

He really started to thrive when the opposition were weakening

Great stats agains

122m off 11 runs, most of them denting the line …and 21 takles

Gibbs is in career best form and is probably in better form than any other NSW front rower, he will play City/Country and if he goes well in that, who knows?

Bryce played his ring out & ran like a demon. Great game.
Inspired the rest of the forward pack.

Fine performance from a footballer developing well

He is finally out playing Big Red which I didnt think was possible.
Gibbs chargers today we were strong and he barely was pushed backwards at all.
By the way that shot on Galloway by Shillington was HUGE! Dont see that happen to often.

Big Red has done enough to get away with one quiet performance, injury or no injury.

On Gibbs, the long, long investment is finally paying off. Yipee.

I was happy to see Galloway roll out of that shot and push for more metres. Still not convinced the ball went forward either. But it showed Galloways mettle IMO

Bryce played brilliantly…
big hit ups… and good tackles…
… has really started to shine this year… city/country if he keeps it up…
then if he goes good in that… NSW squad 4 sure

hes been great all season imo,im sure he made close to 100m in every game hes played so far as well as 25-30 tackles

All I can say is that he is quality. Him and Galloway make a pretty good starting pair of props.

I personally prefer Gibb’s style of play to Galloways….Gibbsy runs onto the ball with murder in his eyes, galloway sort of half jogs it up and then pushes/wrestles to get the extra meters.

Today I thought Gibbs was by far the better of the two.

On the Shillington hit to Keith it was a bone rattler alright…I was so glad to see the tough bugger get up and continue trying to run though…great stuff

Gibbs has always been a strong defender for a prop and is now making the yards. No stupid penalties from him either. We keep winning and we may be missing both he and Galloway to NSW.

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