Eye of the Tiger theme

I must say it would be great if we could scrap the dreadful WT’s themed Eye Of the Tiger this yr and go back to old original Survior version. The WT’s version is 50 shades of cringe.

Have to agree the original is far superior

Can we use Katy Perry’s instead……get the kiddies in…

I’ve always said this.
The version we use now is rubbish and pretty embarrassing.

I want neither versions or the Katy Perry version

Don’t mind GNR idea of Welcome to the Jungle

Get Barnesy to change the words from Working Class Man to Wests Tigers Fan and rewrite a song

If you can find the right song (Port Adelaide using INXS “Never tear Us Apart” or even West Ham or Liverpool ) imagine 20000 at Leichhardt singing a song in unison …… chills :sign:

Actually to be honest this Members Committee they have started I would prefer they find a suitable song than ANY other thing on their agenda

We may disagree on everything in regards to the Tigers , but the right song Wests Tigers United

Can’t beat the original eye of the tiger.

i got the eye of the tiger
dancing through the fire
and you’re gonna hear me

Richmond’s song applied to us s few years go. Not so much now.

I like Richmond’s song actually

Didn’t even know what is was until I saw it on Underbelly series ……

It’s pretty hard not to get pumped up when they crank Welcome to the Jungle as the boys run out. Tribal stuff.

If we’re going to continue to use Eye of the Tiger then please use the original.

Welcome to the jungle is so clichéd now it is probably cheesier than the WT version of Eye Of The Tiger TBH. Pretty much every single NFL team flogs ‘Welcome’ at their home games in the US-it has been done to death.
Would be great if we could come up with a song vaguely original that hasn’t been round the block too many times for our rev-up song when the boys run out. Knowing the NRL though these days anything more hardcore than Mauboy or Guy Sebastian would be considered taboo for clubs to be pumping at home games.
Always thought Tina Turner’s What You Get Is What You See was a good fit for RL back in the day,catchy and at least it had a bit of grunt to it- teenybopper mush should be heard nowhere near a football field.
So many great Aussie bands to choose from- Oils,AC/DC it really sshouldn’t be that hard to get a great song to represent our team.

I was just thinking about this today when I watched a replay of the Souths game from last year. It’s cheesy and embarrassing. We really butchered a classic.

Anthony Wiggle could easily come up with something unique?


i got the eye of the tiger
dancing through the fire
and you’re gonna hear me

No thanks

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