Tough start with Penrith at Penrith who are always good.

I didn’t see HM myself but they had a draw. ( funnily enough so was the game i watched )

Speaking to the guys there it was a high quality game especially given the conditions and that it was rnd 1.

Very evenly matched, the good judges reckon both sides looking like semi finalists, that said the draw makes an enormous difference at this level.

SG Ball i saw, pretty good game as well. It blew out late and penrith won by 18 or 20, but it was closer than that.
Balmain stuck with Penrith for all but the last 10 or 15 minutes.
Papenhuyzen scored the first try but was quiet (for him), the tigers were a much bigger side than Penrith and that played a role.

Not sure how to rate both sides, Penrith will be semi finalists, but not sure how good they are, they were fast and skillful but much smaller than most good ball sides. Tigers I think looked ok, the blokes I was watching with think it will be a long year. Time will tell.