Anyone Else Confident ?

I don’t know what it is but I feel like 2016 is the year we make our mark on this competition.

Every year we go into a new season thinking that this is the year were we can actually do well and make the top 8. But at the back of our minds, we know that it could be just wishful thinking.

Heading into 2016 it feels different to me. The talk coming out of the club actually sounds genuine and you can see that the coach and players are now on the same page in terms of structures and direction.

Our halves and hooker are talking up a new direction, a “new tigers in 2016” based on the attacking football that our roster is accustomed to. Playing to our strengths. I know we get fed talk every off-season of feeling good and fit and all that. But these aren’t just cliches but talk of changes to our style of play which could prove to be MASSIVE and finally allow these young halves to play and thrive.

We still have our quietly spoken but brilliant fullback and by all reports he looks better this season then at the same time last year. Enough said.

The acquisition of Hunt, Rankin and Chee-Kam sees our depth in the backs improve drastically, whilst the acquisition of Grant and Griffin helps with our front-row rotation.

Then we have unknowns in Addo-Car, Aialoi, Graham, Felise, McChonnacie and Edwards who may be able to contribute over the course of 26 weeks.

Sironen and Lawerence really need to kick on and show something in the second row. This is the question mark for me heading into 2016. Getting these two right could be the difference between finishing 7th and 14th. If they have good a good season, I am very confident of a finals berth.

I don’t know, I’m just feeling it heading into 2016. :sign:

I think we could have a good year. It’ll depend on some younger players really improving but it can happen.

I would love to yes I’m really confident, I think the spine could really light it up.

Concerned about the pack, mainly the back row. Teams will target us there with our halves defending next to them.

The thing about us is every 4-5 years we seem to pop up and make the Top 4.

Were due if past history is anything to go by.

I’m confident every year before a ball is kicked, The side looks well balanced. The younger players are getting to the stage where they have a good grounding in NRL. Do we have the talent to make an impact - who knows. I’m guessing its going to be another roller coaster ride.

I like rollercoasters. But wish my team wasn’t one

I haven’t been confident for a couple of years now but this season I am.
Itll be a Rollercoaster but I think we’ll scrape into the 8.

Looking at other teams likely starting lists this year looks even more even. A lot of experience has moved between clubs. The one thing we have in our favour is we should improve 10% on last year even without Kapow. That just might get us close enough to the eight for our young players to realise their potential and breath some life into other players. Where there is a will there is a way.
Go the mighty Wests Tigers!

I’m confident in our team, OP. :slight_smile:

Having said that I look at the other teams out there, and think, “Man they have players x, y, z, and abc!”

and every year I seem to be doing it more and more. Maybe I’m just becoming a softie with my old age, however most of the teams seem to be getting better and better.

I think our team has improved, however I think the overall rate of improvement across the competition is accelerating beyond our lads.

We’ll be a few penalties less with Team Kapow off the books.

I cant say that I’m confident to be honest. The feeling I have going into this season is like the same I have going into a game against the Roosters or another top team where we are expected to cop a belting. I’m not expecting much but there’s always the chance we could turn up something special.

One thing I am confident about though, is that Tedesco will continue his scintillating form from last season and affirm himself as one of the games best fullbacks.

Slightly more confident than say in the last 3 years, but I’m not expecting huge gains. All I’m looking for is a continued improvement on last year.

Not confident.
I’m not convinced the off field saga is resolved, if it isn’t then I’m confident this will be our undoing this year

The trouble making predictions now is, you having nothing to base them on. You have been starved of football for about five months and all you have read is stuff push out by our fluff department or of course internal drama that the Tele crap have got their hands on.

Don’t get me wrong, we have to be a better team than last year,our recruitment has been pretty good and our kids a year older,but will,it translate into a charge up the table is anyone’s guess. If I was a punter, I would say about 10th at best

I like who we have added to our team roster this year without breaking the bank , we have no pressure on us as we did not go buy 3 top liners , but I think what we have got is a great mix of talent
Old heads , Woods , Farrah , Grant , Ballin , Dean
Young guns , Teddy , Moses ,Brooks , Kevvy , Simmona , Nufo
Playing for spots , Griffin , Hunt , Rankin , Madness , and co
The pressure will be on individuals to get them selfs into the top grade and that makes for some solid efforts from the players , we can go close to a top 8 and a little luck , bit I agree it could be a up and down type season ,
But I cant wait for it

coming 2nd last, last year. then in the offseason losing one of our best forwards to Manly and our sharp shooting goal-kickers retirement from NRL….
then you look at how many top line players many other teams can fit into the salary cap and the Press makes out that we’ll be lucky to hold onto our rookies. Most critics will see us as a bottom four team.
We do have talent and when we do click, we can burn teams.
If JT gets the attitude right and we are buoyed by some positive off field news I can see us building momentum and stringing wins together. We have good competition for most positions on the field. I think we will be a stronger team this year, than last year we haven’t fallen into the trap of buying one superstar that everyone hopes will turn our season around. Instead we have built a big base of solid players which has been very positive to see.

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