The penalty goals

Im pretty sure watching 9 Sheens wanted us to go for goal when up by 1 with about 4 minutes to go, but Farah taps and goes….then we get the penalty right on halfway and benji despite kicking at only 50% decides to have a shot?!?!?!
And misses but we score and all live happily ever after
Who’s running this show, what the hells going on?

Judgment calls were made.

iwas surprised when benj had a shot from halfway … specially since i knew the score when my mate rang 30 minutes into the game and told me the result . ….i was wondering how we were going to score with 20 seconds left on the clock and the raiders with the ball in hand …
sheens always makes the calls but benj and farah both over ruled the first one …

leading by 1 point…with 4 minutes left…
… might aswell keep on the pressure & even if we dont score they have to work it out of there own end…
leading 29 - 22 with 2 minutes left… marshall sais why not… and has a shot…
… even if he doesnt get it… they cant win…
i dont see a problem

No….no problem…easy in hindsight though hey.
Just seemed like kids footy out there…is there a gameplan at all?

Perhaps we dont need one. We won, didnt we? :slight_smile:

I think it was supposed to soak up the last minute or so, if he got it was game over, he missed and all they had to do was make 2 or 3 tackles.

Turned out different, but I think that was the plan.

The first one should have been taken for the same reason the second one was. To soak up time on the clock and retain possession.

i had the tigers -2.5 in a multi, and i blew up deluxe when they tapped it LOL, but hey they scored so it was the right call


The first one should have been taken for the same reason the second one was. To soak up time on the clock and retain possession.

Thats my point….you wouldnt see Melb doing crazy stuff like that, but then again that whole second half was just insane

With the first penalty, We had them on the ropes. We had the running. We were all over them. They were out on their feet. Why let them get their breath back to kick off, with us bringing the ball out from our own line with a 3 point lead. 1 point or 3 points in front isn’t a huge deal. However 7 points puts the result in no doubt. The players on the field had the feel for the game and OBVIOUSLY, the right decision was made.

The 2nd was clearly to soak up time.

well we must be a better side this year , because i have seen us have sides on the ropes in the past 4 years and we have failed to go on with it ….the safe option was the go imho … but like ink said , the second half was insane …

The last shot at goal was ridiculous….there was no need to soak up time, we were ahead by a score that couldnt be run down in the remaining time.
I was surrounded by raider fans all shouting out "you gutless ######s and to be honest I sort of agreed.
I fully supported the earlier penalty kick turndown but still cant understand the last one.
I agree with Ink…there seemed to be no plan, no direction during this period

Hey its like getting on a new rollercoaster ride following the Tigers - your a little bit anxious about whats going to happen but can’t wait for the ride - just sit back and enjoy it - there is no other ride like it in the NRL


The first one should have been taken for the same reason the second one was. To soak up time on the clock and retain possession.

I disagree - totally different circumstances. Suppose they kick the penalty goal and they lead by 3 points with 2 minutes to go and Canberra now have a shot at regaining possession 35m out from our line with a full set. The kick was going to eat up 90 seconds tops and you can bet Suttor would have been ready to blow time off quickly. Instead we had a full set in their 20m, even if we don’t score we have them down where we want them. As it was we scored, converted and iced the game.

As for the one at the end, the game was over. Probably should have taken the kick for touch but maybe everyone was buggered and Benji wanted to have a crack a la Andrew Johns.

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