Players spread #NRLWellbeing message..

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    Players spread #NRLWellbeing message throughout Campbelltown

    Fri 19th February, 03:15PM
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    Wests Tigers took time out on Wednesday to visit over 6,000 kids throughout the Campbelltown region as they helped spread the #NRLWellbeing messgage.

    The entire NRL squad visited over 40 different schools in the South West, educating school children on the importance of proper hydration, adequate sleep and developing and supporting a strong sense of belonging, and having plenty of fun along the way!

    “I remember when I was their age and we had the NRL players come out to my school,” said new Wests Tigers recruit Jordan Rankin. "It’s something that it lives with you for a very long time, so it’s really good to get out here and see so many energised kids.

    "The message we’re spreading is all about wellbeing — staying healthy with the food they eat and the water they drink — and just giving them the message that they’re never alone.

    “We gave a bit of Wests Tigers trivia and played some games with them as well, and it looked like they really enjoyed it — I know I did visiting these schools for the first time.”

    Wests Tigers players have been extremely active this year spreading the #NRLWellbeing message, visiting tens of thousands of students already in Coffs Harbour and the Inner West.

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    Great stuff WT,engaging the Community…spreading a wonderful message…

  • Been doing it for ages, remember Beni, Farah and Sheens coming out to my primary school a while back, definitely will never forget.

  • Good to see… Keep it up WT.

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