If we beat warriors Taylor is a genius

With injuries and suspensions to key players it’s hard to conceive a game plan that could overcome a strong warriors team.

Keeping the ball and controlling field position and ruck is always the key against them. But even if we play taylorball with a back rower at 9 we just won’t be able to throw enough at then in attack to tire then out.

Maybe just spiral punt to vatuvei and hope he has a bad day. Kick early in tackle count and let them work it out from their own end and force mistakes if they decide to chance their hand and not treat us with respect.

That’s all I got but over to you mr taylor

You can’t play a defensive gameplan against the Warriors, they are too good in attack. When we’ve beaten them (flogged them tbh) it’s been by letting the ball sing. They get behind, they usually get discouraged and concede points really quickly.

The Warriors are a flog you or flog them side. I think we’ll beat them tbh.

I see the Warriors greatly underachieving this yr. Only way they’ll ever make a dent in this comp is if they had a Bennett, Bellamy or even Maguire. They are there to be beaten in the first round.

I don’t see him as a genius if he wins. I think we can win. Lets see how the team plays. Hopefully they look like a well coached team.

Warriors have a habit of coming out of the blocks slow in the first 5 rounds, so let’s see how it goes I’m sure if we play to the best of our abilities we can take them

i doubt that it will be close.ctown in march is usually hot and one side will fatigue, ball movement and high completions will give one team a huge advantage.WT have a big advantage having them first up even with robbie and luke out.lets hope we come out on top

Well we are $3, so you blokes should load up. I think the market is about right tbh, maybe we are a 4 chance with no 9 & 7. They hav rts and Luke (if not suspended). They have a top 4 list if they can put it together.

I think you may be underestimating the challenges caused by them and our disruptions. I will be backing warriors and if we win happy days.

Steve….I doubt you would give him any credit if we go undefeated for remainder of his contract. In fact you would probably want to swap coaches anyway just in case we could get better.

I was disappointed to see the Dragons flog them on the weekend.

Hopefully it saps some confidence rather then fire them up :brick:

No Robbie so half the forum and Taylor have got what they want.

Should be an easy win.

In all seriousness were up against it, but its probably not a bad time to get them. On a hot day whoever has more of the ball will probably put 40 on.

Most likely be playing in 22 degrees, heat wont be a factor.

First few rounds are somewhat of a lottery. It’s always hard to predict a winner in the first month. Warriors are a formidable team on paper, but they have a long history of not turning up most weeks.


Steve….I doubt you would give him any credit if we go undefeated for remainder of his contract. In fact you would probably want to swap coaches anyway just in case we could get better.

I would be estactic and would welcome him for a life long role as Tigers coach. If we step back to reality though based on his performances last year I think any fan calling him a genius after one game is obviously related to good old JT.

The guy needs to prove himself big time.

It’s good to see a lot of optimism about this game.
I expect it to be a bit fumbly, fast and exciting. Can’t wait.

When we beat the Warriors Taylor the rest of the coaching staff as well as the players cheerleaders and ballboys will have done their job…

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