5th tackle options

Just wondering if mania has a kicking game and how about Liddle/Littlejohn…don’t suppose any have a left boot on them???

Have heard Taylor say Littlejohns kicking game is one of his strengths.

Our standard 5th tackle option is to try to put a dent in the advertising hoardings behind the deadball line.


Our standard 5th tackle option is to try to put a dent in the advertising hoardings behind the deadball line.

Only if we’re too far out to hit the advertising with a bomb (which takes far more skill)

Just go back to kicking on the 3rd and it won’t be an issue…

Nah…It’s a good point there will be a lot of added pressure on Moses in the absence of Farah and Brooks Rd1…have seen Cherrington kick out of dummy-half in lower grades but wouldn’t say it’s a strength…

Littlejohn put in a nice short kick for Rowdy’s TRY against the Sharks…another reason to keep him in the halves for this game…take some of the pressure off Moses…

Each game, just before half time.
We all know and see the danger 5 min period, when wests-tigers have a habit of conceding points, 😊 😒 kick a field goal, on the 5th tackle.

Other than that kick deep and to the corners.

Hopefully Manu has ’ one of those days’ under the high ball in round 1. Kick high to his side and hope that Nofa schools him in the air. Geez I wish we had a lanky jumping high-ball specialist on our flanks to dominate the air.

It would be nice if we ran it on occasion and especially early on to put the opposition in two minds.

I saw enough against the Sharks and Melbourne to believe that we can score points. Our defence in our own half is paper thin though and if the Warriors send wave after wave of their big guys at us on the back of quick play the balls, we’re in for a long night. Our forwards just don’t have that sort of impact to match that in attack or defence.

Our kicking game was excellent against the Sharks and it’s what got us the draw in the end. Back to back sets will be important this year with the reduced interchange. Even if we don’t get another set, if we can have them working it out from their try line, we are likely to tire these guys out and dull their attack.

On the flip side, the same could happen to us if we give away too many repeat sets.

Moses and Littlejohn looked pretty good in the trials. Littlejohn looks to be capable backup, but looking forward to Brooks returning.

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