With it all said and done, how do you feel about Scott Prince?

I know him leaving the Tigers to join GC left a sour taste in most of our mouths but I realised just now that I still love the guy. He was incredible in 2005 and was absolutely crucial to one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. I’d call him a Wests Tigers legend easily.

How bout it?

Yes because he was crucial to our finals campaign.

He has to be a club legend the way he and the team clicked in 2005.

Sadly I thought he pretty much dogged it for us in 2006 after signing with the Titans.

Hoped for a dynasty around that time 😮 :deadhorse:

One of our 2005 heroes, maybe THE 2005 hero… but not a club legend.

2005 didn’t happen without him, but wrapped himself in cotton wool after signing his life away to the Titans who got found out for cheating the cap to sign him. Glad he never went on to win a premiership with them.

He never loved the club, he only came here because of Tim Sheens. The way I see it, he took a punt and won the lotto. He used us to win a comp and we used him to win a comp. It was never a long term deal, he was always going back to Queensland.

I don’t think of him as a tigers legend for that reason, he was just a smart purchase. He was probably the missing link we needed to make a play at the title. At the end of the day everything just fell into place that year, which is confirmed by the year prior and the year following the premiership which were less than impressive.

The thing I find most difficult at the moment is that the players don’t really seem to love the club. That is why I will be disappointed if we let Brooks go because the kid does love the club. Hell, even Woods came out in the press at the launch and made a joke that he is a Manly fan. I know it was tongue and cheek but if the captain doesn’t love the club enough to fight for it than what chance are we going to have with the younger kids from Queensland.

Its only my 2 cents worth, but the culture needs to be better.

Why does he have to love the club? He played his best football for our club and it won us a premiership. He doesn’t owe us a thing.

The fact we still talk about Prince shows we’ve done diddly squat since. Instead of bitterness for him, he should go down in club folklore as a guy who shone brightly for a year and guided us to victory.

I have no bitterness nor did I say he owes us anything. Elford and a couple of the other guys from that team are in the same boat as in they took a risk and got to win a comp. My point is players don’t want to come here. Guys like Junior, Benny, Blocker and Sirro loved the club and that culture has been gone for a long time.

I don’t hold them in as high a regard as a Liam Fulton, Ben Galea, Skando and O’Neill for that reason. I will always appreciate what they brought to the team but Mac asked how I feel about Scott Prince and that is how I feel.

He made Benji the legend.


The fact we still talk about Prince shows we’ve done diddly squat since. Instead of bitterness for him, he should go down in club folklore as a guy who shone brightly for a year and guided us to victory.

True. I imagine Storm fans hardly ever talk about Brett Kimmorley.

Hold on I reckon guys like teddy, brooks, siro & moses love the club. They’re juniors, played their whole careers with us. Sure teddy signed with the raiders but changed his mind to stay with his mates. Prob add Nofo to that list also. Just because some journo harasses brooks about the unlikelihood of them playing out their careers here together due to salary cap issues doesn’t mean they don’t want to be Tigers for life. They’re kids starting to get enough experience to be comfortable playing 1st grade. Keep them together & watch them shine!

As for prince well he helped guide us to our first premiership. Should be remembered well for that alone.

Not a fan of Prince.
Nothing special.
Won a GF here then faded away.
Mr Nobody

2005 Prince was magic dude.

it was a good year but Prince is a douche

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