This is what has happened to our game

  • In round 18 last year in the sharks vs Dragons game Ben Barba got penalised for tackling Ben Creagh when Ben was 3 meters away from the line.The penalty was award for stopping a try. What is the point of this penalty isn’t the aim of the game to stop the other team for scoring. I think this penalty is Ridiculous. Should this have been given as a penalty? It is 1:55 into the

  • no it shouldnt thats taking the horizontal thing way too far

    one on one is fine if youre not driving their head into the ground or anything

    it can get very subjective though. 3 people in that same tackle (assuming its not 3m out) and it can go very wrong very quickly

  • @Demps:

    Oh no,our defensive line is in tatters……

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