WESTS Tigers Team V Warriors...

Wests Tigers
1 James Tedesco
2 David Nofoaluma
3 Tim Simona
4 Kevin Naiqama
5 Jordan Rankin
6 Mitchell Moses
7 Jack Littlejohn
8 Aaron Woods ©
9 Manaia Cherrington
10 Tim Grant
11 Curtis Sironen
12 Chris Lawrence
13 Sauaso Sue

14 Kyle Lovett
15 Josh Aloiai
16 Ava Seumanufagai
17 Jack Buchanan
18 Michael Chee Kam

Coach: Jason Taylor


With the exception of 14 and 17 i am happy, willing to give them a chance though.

I think Chee Kam will play and Buchanan will be 18th.

Big congrats to Tim Grant Jordan Rankin Jack Littlejohn on their Club debuts and massive congrats to Josh Aloiai on his Club and NRL debut…well deserved…

Hope they do the business, but it kinda shows how far behind we are if Lovett and Buchanan are still getting FG gigs.


With the exception of 14 and 17 i am happy, willing to give them a chance though.

14 and 17 are exhibits A and B to be used against the people who think we’ve recruited well because we’ve “added depth”.

Only surprise is Buchanan i can only assume that he and Lovett are the 2 best trainers at the club

So is Cherrington really going to play 80? This selection makes no sense to me at all.

with Lovett putting on the extra Kegs this year, it quite a big bench…no matter who’s the 18th man.
Good to see Aloiai there. Really it’s going to be of balance between Chee Kam and Buchanan. do you go for versatility or the extra Prop?

I’d have MCK over Buchanan on the bench…

good line up tho.
Got the day off so will be watching this and posting updates / discussing on the forum :slight_smile:

Jack the plodder in front of MCK, its like leaving the v8 in the garage and driving your daughters four cylinder car.

Other than that it is the best available I suppose

It’s a good team. I’m surprised that Taylor isn’t giving Cherrington a backup and that he seems have chosen a big bench assuming Buchanan plays ahead of MCK. I’m not stating it’s the wrong choice either.

I reckon we have a good chance.

No , not another season of the NO impact LOVETT

I am reasonably happy with the team. UNTIL I saw then bench. Lovett and Buchanan come on they showed last year they struggled big time in first grade. I would rather chee kam and griffin get a run. Both Lovett and Buchanan must have compromising photos of JT.

Good squad given the folk we have missing. Lovett went OK in the sharks trial & hit the line pretty hard. Prefer versatility of MCK over Buchanan.

Good luck boys!

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