Anasta grub

I hate this bloke….lays the boot in any chance he gets. Was totally useless when he played for us and wants to take every opportunity to destabilise us. Talking today that there were divisions within the team with Taylor and smugly referring to Cleary to keep close to the phone.

Geez I hope we can win a few and show everyone what a fake this clown is.

Yeah he seems to like doing that the oxigen thief. Wonder if he’s been paid his dues yet tho??


Yeah he seems to like doing that the oxigen thief. Wonder if he’s been paid his dues yet tho??

He was contracted to play football and I don’t recall seeing him do that. I wouldn’t pay that failed human being either if I could avoid it.

He was a waste of space for us and he seems bitter about it. Maybe if he actually did something positive for us when he was here we wouldn’t have gotten rid of him as quickly as we did.

He’s probably just bitter that his ex chose hiding in kitchen cupboards again over staying with him.

Never forget his first game for us against Newcastle playing in the 2nd row. Missed something like 8 tackles, showed no interest and was an embarrassment. Roosterman warned us and got it 100% correct.
Joke was on us!

I was waiting for him to turn the barbi on but he never lit the match

Now, I have got a very far, fetched conspiracy theory that you guys won’t like……

Anasta might be telling the truth!! He probbaly still talks to some of the boys I have no doubt. The place has been dysfunctional and a shambles, why should he sugar coat that?

In 2015 he tipped us to make the Top 8 and was willing us to win most weeks. He was very critical of performances and I believe rightly so.

We deserve our whack, until we start winning games. Nothing he said surprised me or made me think he had it in for the club.

He was a dud player when Sheens swopped on him in 2013! Not his fault really no one else was willing to sign him as they knew he was finished as a player.

Divisions within the team and Taylor?

Yeah… He was crap, but he’s not crapping on here.

Troublemaker. As if there’d be divisions in this team. Madness.

I’m sure Braith has a better knowledge of the inside goings on of the club than most people on here (I should say ALL people on here, with the exception of one of two individuals).

Its a fact of life that when you have courted the type of publicity, and the public airing of laundry that our club has, these whispers are always going to be doing the rounds.

If we win some games and start operating professionally off the field, this type of gossip will magically stop.

Until then, has-beens like Braith will use us to get their ugly melons into the headlines.


Troublemaker. As if there’d be divisions in this team. Madness.

I reckon Braith would be reading this and splitting his sides lapping it up - get ready for more oil on the fire

Meh, who cares?
It’s not as though he is saying anything new that isn’t on the forums or media anyway

Can’t stand him, but there’s probably a truth to what he is saying. He only cops a pasting over it because he’s maligned with the fans of this club.

We are fair game until we start winning games. If we win a few games……it will be the team is really pulling behind Taylor.

The divisions in the team could be because Taylor maybe putting the heat on a few incumbents to perform and they don’t like it maybe.

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