Benji coming back?

“He is likely to demand close to $500,000 a season”. Very unlikely - the club would have to back end his contract like they did with Farah and Lawrence.

I think he is our best ever player. I’d love to see him back but let’s wait and see what happens to Moses & Brooks.

If we lost one of Moses or Brooks then I would take a year or 2 of Benji helping them out while they developed. The people he fought with are all gone and he is playing well for the Dragons. Better then Luke Kearey for 800k the article suggests - Jesus wouldn’t sign him for 200k.

And end of the day he is our Benj and would love to see him pull on the Tigers jersey again

Loved having him at the club. When he was “on” there was no touching him. But, his best years are behind him and the club needs to keep looking forward.
No thanks.

Hopefully not, he’s past it and we’re over it.

If Moses and Brooks move on, I would take him, unless somehow we can find a million to sign Cooper Cronk. After letting Martin go, we are a bit thin in NRL standard halves

If Brooks and Moses go, we should go and chase Te Maire Martin and Littlejohn.
I know Martin is under contract, but what is a contract these days?
Don’t go buying old burnt out over the hill players, remember Braith.

Was a very influential player at wests-tigers.
Times have moved on and so have wests-tigers.

Oh I’ve missed hearing about the exploits of Marty Tauber.

The thing that startled me - that article says Keary is asking $800K. Holy Moses and Brooks, I thought the lads were on a fair amount of coin if $600K is true, but it’s great value if comparing to Keary.

i dont mind trying him at centre if he puts on some muscle and learns to defend. hell of a player less than 3 years ago but as they say even “a week is a long time…”

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