Keeping our top players

If brooks and Moses have a good season and ask for big money in there next contracts will we be able to afford to keep players like woods and Tedesco aswell? Who are already on big money

Priority should be Moses and Tedesco, we will see how Brooks goes.

They will all resign at reasonable money….they are not like farah

We have to pay them a fair amount. Cap management will be really important with a bunch of young players coming through.

This has got to be a priority,I think Brooks will be in for a big year so we will have to be smart with our cap management as mentioned by steve tiger.
Teddy,Moses,Brooks,Woodsy and Mania,the team has to be built around these guys,obviously.
The Storm are a perfect example of keeping a there spine together,then filling in the holes with smart buys and good coaching.
Just got to hope our guys are thinking the same way!

If Taylor sticks to his word and let’s Moses and Brooks play what’s in front of them and we start winning games I’m pretty confident they will stay.
It’s not all about the money they want to play for a successful club and play semi final football.
Hopefully Robbie moves on next year to ESL and that will free up fair bit of cap space.

Be interesting,if Luke Keary wants 800g a season and apparently some clubs are interested,Moses and Brooks will want DCE type money. Playing with your mates and loyalty went out the window some time ago,it’s now about dollars and playing for a club that has a winning culture. Let’s hope we can provide both

i think the club will make the right decision - they definitely did with taupau.

not worth 650k for a 40-50min player whos D isn’t too flash

I think they held off their contract talks mostly to wait for Farah to leave so they can have his cap space.

It will be Mark O’Neill’s first and most important test in his new role of Football manager…

A lot will depend on Farah’s intentions for 2017 Cap wise …Cherrington Brooks Moses and Tedesco along with Woods and Sue should be the cornerstone of the side moving forward…

We can’t fall into the trap of paying overs for potential however…If other Clubs are prepared too the tough calls must be made…There are Clubs sniffing but that’s the business…

If our blokes don’t show some loyalty I will be disappointed. They already know we have paid them overs waiting for them to develop. I don’t think our core will go anywhere until they get the job done. But that’s just my thinking, other factors are more important than money…are they happy…are they learning and improving and being nurtured. Is the club moving forward?

I wonder how taupau is feeling today? He will be under massive pressure of manly doesn’t turn its form around and in my opinion they didn’t buy well. Dce overrated, Matai and Lyon, Stewart gone, walker not a 5/8, myles was gone at the Titans plus they lose him over origin and he plods after that. Only thing they got right is offloading Glenn Stewart, watmough, Foran.

Manly and parra lists are a dogs breakfast with no real strategy or succession. I much rather our list because 9/10th’s of our list is improving.

Priority Order

So if we have to loose one then let it be Brooks. In reality if they all along with Mania fulfill their potential then one or more will have to go as we don’t have the 3rd party cheque book like Roosters or Broncos

Depending how Brookes plays this year I’d say he is more important than Moses simply because we have backup 5/8ths but not a backup halfback.

As brilliant as Mitch is going to be if we lose Brooks we need to buy a good half and that’s a roll of the dice money wise.

I can see the situation arising where all our young blokes live up to their potential just in time for us to lose a third of them before they deliver us the Premiership.

So I guess we might as well win it this year.

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