High Ball

Every team will be going high and wide both left and right often. We have a real problem defusing bombs. Nofo is on the short side and Rankin is not actually that tall,so if Taylor is going to stick with them he has to work out a far better plan of giving them some protection.

I read somewhere that the speedster we got from the Sharks (AJC) is very strong under the high ball.If that is the case get him into the side because every team is going to bomb the hell out of us and they will have plenty of success.

On form AJC should have Rankins spot next week.

Thought he was much faster but turned inside as soon as he was shown the side line last night.

JAC should be there. I don’t think Rankin is a winger. Nofo needs a lot of work under the high ball.

Nofo needs a lot of work on many things, he was as bad as he was good yesterday.


Nofo needs a lot of work on many things, he was as bad as he was good yesterday.

Geez he has a lot of mistakes in his game doesn’t he. A tonne of upside but he just does dumb stuff all the time.

Nofo was very rusty but is a class finisher normally. He’ll be fine.

Yes fair point with the high ball, but where was teddy in support? That’s the problem in teddys game positional play of the kick is missing, he had heaps of time to get across there and help.
But seriously did u see the tackle noffa did on manu, please not many would have stopped that try….

Yes Latham that was great and at the time, was a match winner.

I just think it is such a big part of the game now the cross field bomb,every team are good at it and in most cases the team chasing the bomb have the advantage in the leap because there momentum is going forward. Even the best will drop the odd one, but if the kick is well placed we are in massive trouble with our two wingers and as great as Teddy is this is probably one area that he could get better at.I think Nofo plays a big part in getting dirty yards for the team and is such a great finisher,so I think it more about putting some structures in to give him protection. Not sure on Rankin,the speedster must be getting close to a gig

JAC should come in for Rankin, we would be a far better side overall, we lose on defence, but pick up on attack and high ball.

Nofoaluma’s front on defence has become quite amazing. He hits like a truck. I think he should be in the centres now, but Naqaiama is playing very well in the centres too so he has to be somewhere. We do have some selection headaches these days with Addo Carr, Heleta and even Obed Karwhin heavily pressing for selection.

Apart from dropping one stone cold, what did rankin do wrong?
He got involved, tried to make the hard yards when the forwards had their hands on hips and defensively he didn’t get caught out did he?

Nofo will be ok, I think that drop was made when he was looking directly into setting sun- I might be wrong. Very good pickup for his try running at full pace. Will make less mistakes with more game time….we know he is a champion finisher.

Rankin is not the long term solution on the wing, but did well enough to hold his place for next week, given the number of changes that will already be made. I think he is the perfect bench utility once we settle down our bench rotations.

He got beaten for pace once which led to one of their tries


He got beaten for pace once which led to one of their tries

Yep. That is why I would put JAC there.

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