Andrew Johns

  • Did anyone catch him on Sunday footy show today….fair dinkum who dresses this guy he remixed me of a bum!!!

  • wicky wicky….remix!

  • Leave Joey alone!

  • Banned

    When he talks footy he is worth listening too but the majority of the time he craps on about in jokes that he doesn’t elaborate upon or discusses the best drinking holes in certain cities.

    Totally unprofessional idiot to be quite frank.

  • Great players very seldom make great coaches or commentators, johns is the perfect example. I suppose channel nine have the free to air market to themselves so they can throw up anyone but their commentary team needs a major overhaul

  • He’s, well….embarrassing is an understatement. He tries to play the role of his brother but he doesn’t have the personality for it, you can tell it doesn’t come comfortably to him. 95% of ex players in the media are block heads. We’re the almost amateurish code in the country when employing commentators.

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