Should the Interchange reduce to 6 in 2017

Interested in everyone’s take on where they sit in regards to the interchange rules.

Simple math means if you rotate your front row and your 13, you’ve already used up 6 interchange. If you also rotate your hooker as some teams are doing, this means you’ve spent your dosh (8 changes).

I cant see how 6 would work, furthermore i also think that 8 changes (Current scenario) is going to result in more games where some bench players miss out on a run as well as teams dropping to 12 players due to an injury around the 70th minute mark. How does that add to the viewing pleasure?

From what I have seen so far it is working very well. Do we reduce further I would like to see it but I am old school who liked to see the skillful halves open games up when forwards got tired.

There is a fine line, you do not want a game like we have most weeks in the u20s where one team beats another by 38 to 36. Also just like you do not want to see your skilful players being bashed out of the game with to many interchanges, you do not want see the mean front rower been forced out of the game for this hybrid athlete come footballer.

At this stage 8 seems to work

Teams still have a lot of work to do to work out the best rotational practice as it currently stands. We’ll need to wait until at least the half way mark of the season to see if it is working as intended. Until then, I’ll reserve judgement.

Reduce it to 6 and teams only allowed 3 fresh reserves. The 4th reserve will be a lower grader who has already played, just like they did years ago. 4 or 5 lower graders would back up for first grade and depending on injuries etc, they either played or just sat there for the experience.

No is my early call.

Lets see what happens with more evidence in.

I think it should go to 6 but with 2 additional changes if a player is taken out by foul play…I also think there should be a 18th/19th…1 back 1 forward…to go into the 17 to replace said player taken out of the game through foul play…

If the injury occurs naturally or concussion…that does not apply…tough titties…

Yes with a permanent sub for injuries

If a player comes off injured and replaced by permanent sub they automatically miss the following week to stop teams trying to rort it

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