Anyone still think we are a chance of the wooden spoon after seeing the Knights past couple of games?

There players, discipline and structure look very average.long season ahead.

Souths are looking the goods , not any weaknesses in that side. Even the players they have injured have been replaced with good players. Rusty’s and Packers money has been hardy for them. But yeah , the Knights don’t look very good, to much inexperience.

Knights barely play at first grade standard at the moment. Most of Souths tries were simple, albeit executed very professionally. They look to be in big trouble.

Speaking of not looking very good- Browny looks like Adam MacDougall’s granddad sitting up there in the coaches box. Next thing he will be flogging off Man-Shakes with added Metamucil variety’s.
He is probably wishing he went to more effort than conducting his interview with Wests over Skype instead of getting off his arse and conducting it in person.

Talking of Brown’s , did anyone see Nathon Brown’s kick through and tackle to trap the Kights in there in goal? Not bad for a prop. He seems slimmer than he was when he was with us.

All the big boys have slimmed down noticeably this season Don due to the reduced interchange. Blokes like Kasiano etc.
Brown didn’t show a lot in his limited opportunities with WT, no big loss in the grand scheme of things. Yep that in-goal grubber was a good one but things like that seem to happen when you are 36 points up over your opposition already.

Knights started 2015 with 4 wins and got the spoon. Looks like they figured out where they went wrong and are taking a reverse-2015 approach this year. 😕

Im not tha cocky yet…. early in the season and injuriesbcan cripple a team.

They’re ordinary, but keep in mind they had about 6 debutants in round 1. They’re specials for the spoon. Just don’t have enough experience.

I agree they are a custard side. I think they lack true class players, even if they have a number of decent-average first graders…it’s the class that separates top and bottom sides. Their bench is really weak.

Hodkinson shows he needs a really strong forward pack to play well - Doggies yes, Origin yes, Knights no.

But they were missing Snowden and Tariq Sims.

Last night, apart from Jeremy Smith nobody seemed that interested in tackling in mid-field.

I almost feel sorry for them, except that for some reason I really can’t stand Danny Levi and Jaelen Feeney as footballers - might just be the constantly stupid looks on their faces - so I enjoy seeing them get smashed.

They have a lot of debutants, but the scary thing is the blokes that should be leading the youngsters just don’t look interested at all. Uate has gone backwards at a rate of knots.

I picked them last year for the spoon early in the season even with their start…it would seem inevitable that they receive it again imo

They’ve got to do something drastic with the culture. They’ve got a great nursery there, but players haven’t wanted to stick around and play for their local team since the mid 2000’s. Greg Bird & Brett Kimmorly are two that spring to mind.

Could be a while before they get a win as well. They looked way out of their depth.

@wd in perth:

Could be a while before they get a win as well. They looked way out of their depth.

At least until they play us. Those bums always come out and topple us when they are on an 8 match losing streak or something similar.
I bloody well hope that this is the season when we stop playing crap teams into form as we have since practically our inception.

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