3, 2, 1


Great performance across the park by our boys tho

Moses, Brooks and Teddy in any order. Only thing holding back Moses from an almost perfect game was getting made to look silly by Tapau on a few occasions.

I thought Moses stood his ground against the idiot Taupau,
if anything he was the one who looked silly.

Poor form throughout the game by Mr Hashtag.

3. Moses
2. Tedesco
1. Woods


3. Tedesco
2. Moses
1. Brooks

Sue and Lawrence were huge for us as well.

Tough tonight to pick
3. Tedesco, goes without saying

As good as Brooks and Moses were, they had to be given the room to do their stuff

Woods,Sue and Grant were sensational
Ava and Lawrence, not far behind

So I think I will split the other 3 points across our entire forward pack



Naiqama killed it out there as well.

So hard. Tim Grant, Chris Lawrence, Aaron Woods, Sue and Seumanufagai were very huge in the middle. Teddy, Brooks, Moses, Naqaiama all awesome too…

I think I’d go

3. Grant
2. Lawrence
1. Tedesco

3. Teddy
2. Grant
1. Moses

Completely agree with the acknowledgment of Naiqama. He has been a star in both games.

3. Tedesco
2. Naiquama
1. Lawrence/Nofa

3 Tedesco
2 Grant
1 Lawrence

Honourable Mentions- Moses Brooks Woods Naiqama Nofoaluma Lovett Sue Seumanufagai Rankin Simona Cherrington Aloiai Halatau

Naughty Cnr Henry the Octopus and still sitting in my car…

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