Does Jared Maxwell use the Bunker too often?

Since the commencement of the NRL season there has been a train of thought that referee Jared Maxwell relies too heavily on the new NRL video bunker.

We thought we would follow Maxwell around for a day to determine if he does in fact rely on it a tad too much.

Here is a day in the life of referee Jared Maxwell.

Maxwell wakes up and looks at his mobile phone immediately to see the time is 10:30 am. He had a meeting with referee’s coach Tony Archer at 9:00am at NRL headquarters. His wife begins to stir next to him.

Maxwell: Jesus Christ! Darl. Darl! My bloody iPhone alarm didn’t go off again!

Mrs. Maxwell: Jared, are you sure you set your alarm? You know how forgetful you’re becoming.

Maxwell: Rubbish! Of course I set my alarm darl! It’s this bloody phone! It’s on the fritz I tell ya.

Mrs. Maxwell: Are you positive you set the alarm?

Maxwell: I better check with the bunker.

Mrs. Maxwell: No Jared, not again. Leave them alone…

Maxwell: (calling the video bunker) Hi yes, I just want to confirm the 9:00am alarm was set on my iPhone last night?

Bunker: Jared, this is a gross misuse of this technology…

Maxwell: Please confirm whether or not the alarm was set! I have a meeting with Tony Archer!

Bunker: (sighs) Vision in the top left corner of the screen shows that no alarm was set for this morning Jared.

Maxwell: Shit!

Outside NRL headquarters, now two and a half hours late for his meeting with referee boss, Tony Archer, Maxwell finds the perfect parking spot in front of the building. The only problem is that it requires Maxwell to execute a parallel park, not one of his strong suits.

Maxwell: (on his phone) Bunker! I’m just outside NRL headquarters, still running late for that meeting with Tony Archer, need confirmation on this parallel park.

Bunker: Jared, this can’t continue mate, I could lose my job. It’s getting beyond a joke.

Maxwell: Please! I’m shocking with parallel parks! I need to make this as quick as possible. And I think it’s Todd Greenberg’s car behind me. I don’t want to ding it.

Bunker: Ok Jared, bottom right vision has you coming in perfectly. Come back, come back, stop. Move forward, straighten, now reverse. Come back, come back, stop. There. Parallel park perfectly done. Oh and our records show it isn’t Greenberg’s car, it is in fact Ricky Stuart’s car that’s behind you.

Maxwell: Really?

Maxwell then repeatedly reverses his car into Stuart’s.

Maxwell finally makes it into the conference room with Tony Archer. After being chastised for his tardiness, the meeting gets under way.

Archer: Look Jared, I asked you along for this chat because prior to the season’s commencement you assured me that you weren’t going to rely too heavily on the video bunker. I turn on the Rabbitohs/Roosters match on Sunday to see you reviewing everything.

Maxwell: I never said I wouldn’t rely on the video bunker.

Archer: On the 25th of February you explicitly assured me that you would not use the video bunker as a crutch.

Maxwell pulls out his mobile and holds up a finger to Archer as if to say, “one moment please”, much to Archer’s surprise.

Maxwell: Yes bunker, it’s me again, can we confirm whether or not I promised Mr. Archer here that I wouldn’t use the bunker as much?

Bunker: Gladly.

Maxwell: (whispers to Archer) Bunker’s on it.

Archer: (shaking his head in disbelief) Unbelievable.

Bunker: All four screens confirm that you did in fact promise Mr. Archer that you wouldn’t use the bunker too often.

Maxwell: Oops….

I must have been the only one to find this funny then lol.


I must have been the only one to find this funny then lol.

😆 It was worth a try anyway mate!

I don’t think anyone finds Horsehead Maxwell funny.

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