Greenberg appointed NRL CEO...

Todd Greenberg appointed NRL CEO

Fri 18 Mar, 2016, 11:00am
Media Release, NRL
Todd Greenberg appointed NRL CEO
Todd Greenberg has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the National Rugby League.

“Our local and international search identified a number of highly credentialed individuals from both within and outside the game who would have offered a lot to rugby league,” ARLC Chairman John Grant said.

"But at the end of the day, Todd ticks all the boxes to be the new CEO.

“While we’ve known all along that he is an outstanding sports administrator with a deep understanding and love of the game, his experience as the former CEO of the Bulldogs and Head of Football for the NRL, together with his professional values and credibility with our stakeholders, proved to the Commission that he was the man for the job,” he added.

Mr. Greenberg said it was a privilege to be given the opportunity to lead the NRL but he understood the responsibilities which came with the role.

“My goal will be to unite the game at every level because, working together, there is no limit to the potential for Rugby League which can continue to thrive and grow,” Greenberg said.

““I have a genuine love of this game and I intend to continue to use my experience to build on the steps we have taken over the last two and a half years. We intend to deliver the best possible outcomes for fans, the clubs, the State leagues and the players.”

Mr. Greenberg said he wanted to thank all those who had supported him, particularly Chairman John Grant and the Commission, and his team at Rugby League Central.

“I also want to personally thank Dr. George Peponis and Ray Dib who provided me with the opportunity to work at the highest level at the Bulldogs.”

Well in one way I am happy it is someone who knows whats going on, but ……


Well in one way I am happy it is someone who knows whats going on, but ……

At least he knows who Benji Barba is 😆

I wish him all the best , he sure has got his work cut out for him .

Firstly stripping Parra of some comp points 😆

Interesting selection. Was he the cheapest option available?

Have to laugh at the NRL when they stated that “we will search worldwide for a top-level professional for the job” and they choose a goose that has been eating in the NRL cafeteria for years……talk about an extensive search!
Not a fan of Greenberg at all, he is a slimy looking fella who looks hard to trust IMO. Shake your hand while he’s nicking your wallet with his other hand.
Time will tell but I reckon he will be spineless and hopeless. Can’t see him being too savage on the Bulldogs if they get in strife again. Maybe he started the job just before Klemmer miraculously got let off his charge this week? Who knows.

The ignorance of RL people in Australia is amazing… Regardless, we needed to appoint some numpty so we dont look rediculous throughout the year.

One day we will have some new vision… just not now?!

Greenburg put the bunker in place this year. Which has been good so far. I don’t think there has been much opposition to him yet. It seems like a logical choice…with less risk of things going pear shaped straight off the bat…like what happened with the last bloke.

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