Te Maire Martin to debut

Withdrawn from Penrith’s NSW Cup side for this afternoon’s game.

Be interesting how he goes at NRL level in a real game. Lots of people have put massive raps on him, but I really think he might struggle for at least a year or two

Scored a try and just kicked a field goal Panthers 23/22

Try and match winning field goal …

He is going to be very special.

we all knew he was a star in the making it was unfortunate we had to lose him. Phil Gould chased him hard and we were never going to be able to hold him. Regardless, I’ll support him even though he plays for a rival. Good on the kid.

Very level headed too.
He’ll go a long way.

the kid did not dissapoint

Demps is feeling the love in this thread 😆
Thumbs up for everybody!

What a debut. He will be a star.


Demps is feeling the love in this thread 😆
Thumbs up for everybody!

you kno it!

thumbs up for young Te’Maire also.

Absolutely great debut

Yes he played well. Looked dangerous with the ball and popped up all over the field.

Clutch field goal will ensure he makes the papers tomorrow.

Played great and tough. He will always be missed.

terrible loss for us great player

Oh the money we should be making for producing talent if the NRL were run correctly and with game’s best interests truly in mind.

We’d be as rich as the one team town Broncos and probably have the tpas to match them too.

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