1. Don’t kick it to semitrailer
2. As above
3. As above

Must win the ruck. They have a big explosive backline who are in form.

Must protect Moses. He will be targeted by Beau Scott.

and yes I agree…don’t let Semi field the downtown kicks on the full…he must be turned around with a solid kick chase pinning him as soon as he gathers it.

Brook’s kicking game could be the difference.

Lets beat the Titans first.

First tactic is to ensure we have powerful defensive backrowers to handle their ones. Eels backrow will destroy our right edge if Lovett is there.

Catch the ball on the full , at least that way you are getting to the line from the kick return with decent momentum and help setting the set up better

Radradra doesn’t scare me to be honest , when you are worrying about wingers you’ll get burnt everywhere else across the park

Play smart footy , simple as that and complete our sets

I’m not worried about semi on the wing, I’m worried about him at the 35 minute mark of each half Running up the middle with our forwards getting tired.

Hope we really compete in this one and don’t let in any soft tries on our goal line……win lose doesn’t bother me it’s about competing for mine.

Parra have looked pretty good this season - they are solid across the park and grind teams down. Even without either half they gave the Broncos a good game in round 1.
If we don’t aim up and play patient football, we’ll get turfed again.
Defensive attitude needs to be very much improved on the first three weeks.

1. Beat them in the forwards
2. Beat them in the backs
3. Beat them in the halves

Which should equate to:
4. Beat them on the scoreboard

Game-plans are really quite simple.

I think the game is in Foran’s hands if he plays well I don’t see us winning and then again when doesn’t Foran play well always shows up against us!

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