We cannot afford to keep lovett in FG. He tries hard but at best is a fringe first grader and is not getting better. I am not blaming him for the loss but even when we are winning he makes no meters and misses far to many tackles for a second rower. The sooner joel edwards is ready the better but as usual because he trains hard he is a JT favourite.

He has been going well, but tires at the back end of each half, as like most, he is not an eighty minute player in a contest. It probably cost us a try nearing halftime last night and Taylor replaced him as he tired again late in the game.

I notice no one mentioned his great skills in getting the ball back in for Kevies try.
This kid is going to put egg on alot of people’s faces. Im not saying he’s going to be a superstar but he’s nowhere near as bad as some make him out to be.

I think that he has improved a long way from last year, but is not an eighty minute player. Towards half time there was a dropped ball, missed tackle and penalty. Playing limited minutes in 1st 2 games he looked good. What better 2nd row options do we have?

He looks more likely than last year. Having said that, I’d rather Sirro back in the squad at Lovett’s expense.

He was pretty good last night…the error in the 1st half was costly as it led to Titans points…but the rot had set in well before that…


He looks more likely than last year. Having said that, I’d rather Sirro back in the squad at Lovett’s expense.

If Sironen gets back say Rd 8 as an example , unless he plays 13 of the next 16 games he needs to go

We can’t carry him anymore , all I see is more potential injuries not potential talent

If our Salary Cap allowed us to make some purchases? He simply wouldn’t be in 1st Grade.

As for Siro? Nothing but a massive hype with high error rate and massive injury prone……will soon be nicknamed " Moltz " short for Moltzen.

i think kyle is going good. hes still young and he does the hard hit ups ie 10 metres from our own line. Sure he made a mistake that led to points but woods dropped the ball on the 3rd tackle which eventuated with a try. I just think the 5 day turn around killed us. they had nothing in the tank. i would of played jack beucanon for the 1st 20 and then brought grant on. we need fresh legs… as for kyle he is still improving and putting size on too, we need players like this, as does every club. I guess joel edwards would of been handy and maybe even chee kam could of played and drop cherrington (1 hooker) for this game only. But thats the benefit of hindsight…

I’m still reluctant to put too much blame on Lovett. But I don’t think we can have two young forwards who are only just 1st graders both in the team, and that was the case last night with young Jack also there.
One of them we can handle but not both, there was just not enough energy and go forward with both… if we have one more good forward it’s a different dynamic for sure.

I don’t think he has the leg drive to be a good nrl forward.

Straight for the usual scape goats, including 1 that didn’t even play. …

Lovett was fine. Made a few errors, like a number of others.

When we tired, we got beat through the middle not the edges. Actually though Ava and Aloaia probably got caught for mobility, and Cherrington allows them to get quick ptbs, if you were to single out players.

Not a fan of his or Jacks, but we don’t really have a lot of options at the moment.

Too much liability having both Jack & Lovett selected in the same line up.

He had been ok to start the season but was simply awful against the Titans. Yes he flipped the ball over his head for a try but his useless 4m hit ups and crucial errors cost us big time. Once again. If there was a stat for errors which lead directly to points he’d lead the comp.

The penalty, soft knock on 30m out and then hopeless effort to stop Mortimer from scoring before the half (all in the space of a couple of mins) were indicative of a player who doesn’t have the concentration required to play first grade. He simply doesn’t offer anything that our other back rowers will, and they could all add much more than him. He really needs to play 80 mins every week in NSW Cup for a few months to help him achieve greater consistency and learn how to hit the ball up.