Greg Inglis

Hmmm - surely there is an inducement for him to retire leaving Souffs with a large sum of cap money to spend. I could see it going down as " GI goes to Souffs and says i don’t think i can play anymore but i’m not retiring because it will cost me $1.5 mil. Souffs say don’t say anything yet we will tell the NRL that you are going to retire and we would like to keep you on as an ambassador. GI says ok - Souufs line up deal with NRL. GI announces retirement and gets ambassador role worth lets say $1.5 mil. Souffs don’t have to carry him on the books and suddenly have an extra $1.5 mil in their cap to spend.

Yep all sounds legit and above board to me.

Cmon isn’t everyone like myself just waiting with baited breath for Darius to become a sideline commentator ……

Yep, it is getting closer. I hope he can string a series of coherent sentences together better than Gallen has from what Ive seen of Gallen so far.

Fatty: “Whoa! What a steaming run by Pangai Junior there, Darius!”

Darius: “Yep.”

Darius and Justin Hodges together. Would be memorable

Is Inglis the one who bashed his girl ?
And who drove over the speed limit whilst drunk ?

Yep they were saying on 360 last night that he basically didn’t retire until he was sorted with a job after football. The NRL also giving him a role that will no doubt be cap exempt just compounds the rort. They wonder why people become disillusioned.

Yet again, these incompetent imbeciles don’t have policy in place so there is no proactivity. What do these morons do all day? They make it up as they go. This is the worst administration in rugby league history. YOU’RE OUT OF YOU DEPTH TODD !!

Just remember it will only be a portion of the cap refunded

Lets hope everyone in the game finds out exactly what it is ……

Love the Avatar , Daniel Day Lewis is the best and loved his role in the Gangs of New York

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