Tiger cubs urged to stick solid

Nice interview with Grant. Sounds like he has really bought into the club.

They are three of the hottest young talents in the game and Wests Tigers teammate Tim Grant has urged Luke Brooks, James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses to reject big money offers for the sake of premiership success.

Although Tedesco is committed to the Tigers for the 2017 season both Brooks and Moses have been given until June to decide whether they will exercise a clause in their contract keeping them at the club for at least another season.

When Grant came into the NRL in 2007 he was part of a wealth of talent coming through the ranks at the Panthers that included the likes of Lachlan Coote, Michael Jennings and Wade Graham.

All four of those players are now at other clubs and Grant hopes that the exciting Tigers trio and the posse of youngsters at the club don’t make the same mistake.

“If I could give advice it would be for the boys to stick together and really build something special and unique for the modern game and I think we can do it,” Grant told NRL.com.

"We had the same sort of thing at Penrith with the likes of Wade Graham, Lachlan Coote, Michael Jennings and myself. We all played together when we were young kids and it was a special time in our careers.

"Unfortunately we got broken up and we didn’t stay together but there’s the same sort of feeling at this club.

"I understand the modern game’s a business and there’ll be offers put in for players and that sort of stuff but with [Tigers CEO] Justin Pascoe in charge and Mark O’Neill as well we’re in good hands moving forward with retention.

"I don’t think we need much recruitment, just retention of the younger guys and them actually buying into that as well.

“I know they’ve got a belief in what we’re doing here at the Tigers and it’s going to take a process. It’s not going to happen overnight but it will happen and everyone buying into that and sticking together, I feel like it’s a special thing.”

The Tigers set the competition alight in the opening two rounds with wins over the Warriors and Sea Eagles and 17 minutes in against the Titans on Saturday appeared set to extend their winning streak to three.

But as exhilarating as they were in the opening quarter of the game, Moses and Brooks were unable to wrest back control of the game as the Titans posted 30 unanswered points. While that could be attributed to two halves still to turn 22, Grant believes it is all part of the learning process.

“I feel that Mitch Moses and Luke Brooks have experience beyond their years,” Grant said.

"They came into grade early and they’ve got a fair few games under their belts for young guys now and I feel like they’re learning the game a lot better and controlling the team.

“That’s a part of learning as well. We’ve got a blueprint here that we believe works for us and sticking to that throughout the whole 80 minutes, whether in front, behind, whatever it may be.”

Now in his 10th season in the NRL the off-season arrival of Grant from South Sydney gave the youthful Tigers a much-needed injection of experience and leadership.

While he says that he gets some grief about his age (Grant is only 28) and those who he played against back in his early days in the top grade, the former Blues Origin prop is averaging close to 120 metres per game and revelling in the youth around him.

“It’s a pleasure to play alongside guys like that. They’re so enthusiastic and I’m really enjoying it,” said the veteran of 146 NRL games.

"They’ve given me a spark of energy and I’m enjoying my time at the Tigers with them and the other young guys.

“I’m just enjoying the culture at the Tigers, it’s been unreal. The young guys are so enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity that they’ve got and it’s rubbing off on me.”


He’s been very good for us. A good role model for our young forwards too. Hope he stays injury free and continues his good form.

I’m liking Grant more and more by the week

Good advice, let’s hope that Brooks and Moses do a Teddy and realise the importance of playing with your mates.

Good advice for Grant. we are lucky to have him this year.

Got me thinking of that Boy George related thread a little while back. The noises (and conversely lack of other) coming from the club are much improved atm, let us hope it stays that way

What a buy this guy is turning out to be. A great leader & role model playing strongly in a position that we were lacking in.

All while South’s are footing most of the bill!!

Hats off to the recruitment team.

Big on experience,big ticker and smart between the ears….Grant has been a great buy

Media drums beat to a different tune if you are winning more than you are losing.

He set the standard for hit ups and work rate first game, the others bought in to it, he has been a great buy, hope he stays healthy.

I was rapt when we signed him. We were in need of experience and someone to pick up where Sauce left off and he’s done it in spades so far.


Media drums beat to a different tune if you are winning more than you are losing.

So bloody true… lots of upbeat stories in the media about our mob even after a loss, loose the next two and the journos will be writing plenty of negative stuff. Same every year for all clubs, people love winners

A few of us including myself knocked him before the start of the season. I think the young brigade should be thankful because his form in the middle of the park has inflated their salaries for their next contract !

I’d love for someone to pull a statistic on how many points in the three rounds have been leaked while he’s on the bench (roughfully between 30min - 50 minute mark)

Hats off to him, he’s been awesome in the opening rounds and he seems to be buying into the club culture too, awesome stuff!

He has proven to be a very good acquisition so far. Leads by example and is laying a solid platform up front with Woods for Moses and Co. to work off.

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