WESTS Tigers Team V Parramatta

Wests Tigers
1 James Tedesco
2 David Nofoaluma
3 Tim Simona
4 Kevin Naiqama
5 Jordan Rankin
6 Mitchell Moses
7 Luke Brooks
8 Aaron Woods ©
9 Robbie Farah
10 Tim Grant
11 Kyle Lovett
12 Dene Halatau
13 Sauaso Sue

14 Joshua Aloiai
15 Ava Seumanufagai
16 Jack Buchanan
17 Manaia Cherrington

Coach: Jason Taylor


Buchanen again 😒. Amazing what happens after a couple of injuries in the second row.

so surprises, can’t have too many changes

Its clear that nothing is going to change from last year, if we had bought Boyd Cordner and Aiden Guerra, Taylor would still pick his pets- Lovett and to some extent Halatau, this mob will put a hundred on us and the halves will get bashed

I don’t get JT, both of our starting back rowers are out and he has chee kam as 18th man for the first 3 rounds and at the first opportunity to pick chee kam he goes for Buchanan …. 😕

We will lose this game by a big score imo eels are very good

Good defensive effort for entire game, play to their ability, no reason why wests-tigers can’t win.

Farah’s going to have to make 70 tackles in this game …

That’s the weakest 2nd row and bench in the NRL right there.

Parra have been strong so far in the forwards. I hope it’s their turn to **** their pants this week.

Don’t like our chances on paper - that backrow is terrible.
Will need a massive turnaround from last Saturday to get a W.

Really is a crap second row. Can’t say anything bad about Sue, he’s a beast, but Lovett and Halatau wouldn’t get a start at any other NRL side, even off the bench, not to mention starting!

If they perform then great! If they don’t then changes are needed…

Buchanan on the bench is just amazing. So many other options.

I think people are being abit harsh on Halatau. He proved himself in the back row last season in a disappointing side. His hole hitting is exceptional and I think will surprise people.

I do agree on Lovett though, he isn’t a starting second rower at this stage and is best served off the bench.

Buchanan off the bench doesn’t fill me with much confidence either. Likeable bloke but just so slow and ineffective. Hopefully with Lawerence back next week, Lovett goes back to the bench and Buchanan back to reserves.

If Mr. Triguboff is looking to buy four new players for next year I would be recommending to him that two of these players be top second rowers. By 2017 Halatau will be ready to retire as may Lawrence. Chee Kam has a contract for this season only and if gets fed up of the current merry go round between 18th man and State Cup he may also leave before 2017. Our other two new second rowers, Joel Edwards and Rod Griffen do seem to have caught Taylor’s eye and they may also only be one year Tigers.

Picking Buchanan again? Are you friggin kidding me?
It would be 1000000% more beneficial to blood others than persist with an already failed experiment. I simply cannot believe it. Does he want to get sacked? Does he want the ire of all of the fans?

And Cherrington after his howler?

Well, how bad do you have to play to get demoted?

AND DON’T BS ME ABOUT WE HAVE NO DEPTH. You are only as strong as your weakest link and we’d be a damn sight better playing with 16 men.

Even if we win this week and won last week nothing will make up for the continual grand idiocy of our coach’s team selection.


Farah’s going to have to make 70 tackles in this game …

That’s a big ask considering it’s his first game from a fair spell.

People are wetting the bed after 1 loss. Basically the same side this week that won the first 2 games of the season,plus Farah. No time to jump ship just yet.
Feel more confident about this game than last week, at least our complacency and cockiness would have disappeared you would think after a poor loss last start.

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