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Scroll ahead exact 11 minutes to kick off, unless you like hearing speeches and national anthems.

The Philippine Tamaraws (meaning dwarf buffalo) played like little buffaloes when defeating Serbia in spite of the Serbs being a bigger stronger team. They kept at the job, many errors and penalties against them but they held firm, maybe the Tigers team could learn some tenacity from them.

Wouldn’t be funny of some of our team roster were posting here not under their own names pushing their own barrel and agenda. Don’t look at me.

Watched early part of the St G and Broncos game tonight. The ST G attempt at try was disallowed for not grounding the ball, was much too close to disallow, seemed to me to touch. Bad luck no. 1. When St G later received a penalty and kicked terrific far down paddock and out, it seem to me that the linesman called out 8 metres at least too short, bad luck 2.

Broncos get very, very well looked after by the refs in their home games- what i wouldnt give to get that much favouritism in WT home games. Massive leg up that puts you in a great position everywhere from the scoreboard to field position. What a luxury.

I don’t like the system, but also could not overturn the De Belin try on field decisision based on the footage.
from the Kennel

Broncos players in dressing room scuffle


THE Broncos have been embroiled in a locker room scandal over a plot to identify a rat within the playing ranks.

Despite being denied by the club the story reported players had to be separated after a heated confrontation before a training session prior to their round six win over the Dragons.

Senior Broncos players are alleged to have told three players including the main suspect different versions of a news story before waiting to see which version was reported in the media.

The plot worked according to Triple M Brisbane ‘Marto and Ed Kavalee for Breakfast’ host and former Wallaby great Greg Martin.

“One of the stories was about Gillett going to St George. And when it appeared, bang, they knew who leaked it,” Martin told Triple M.

Martin said that the leak resulted in players posting a picture of a rat on the suspect’s locker which resulted in a scuffle between players.

“A scuffle ensued between the player with the rat that was placed there and the player that he thought had placed it there.

Martin believes the rat hunt is the main reason the club produced a below par performance against the Dragons, despite cruising to a 26-0 victory.

Despite the Broncos denials Martin said there was pushing and shoving between players.

“Yes, he is being shopped around by his manager, but not to St George. That was a plant to discover something.

“There’s a bit of trouble in the ranks at the Broncos. There’s a leak. There’s been far too many stories.”

Coach Wayne Bennett admitted after the Dragons game that he was far from happy with his players’ on-field performance.

“I just didn’t like the way we played tonight. It was a disjointed game,” Bennett said post match.

“We just couldn’t get momentum. We are at our best when the game was flowing and the game wasn’t flowing.”…18936081480967&adbpl=fb&adbpr=110919635615955

New ideas don’t triumph because they’re right: They triumph because the people who championed the old ideas die.
Ernest Callenbach
deimus, Yesterday at 1:34 PM Report#1+ QuoteReply

:BBF I seen this mentioned on 501 the other night but with no volume in club???

Megan Barnard reported before last nights match that it was Josh McGuire who was leaking info.
If he gets put on the outer up there because of it we’ll have him thanks.

Usually Moses and Bookes get the third degree after each game but yesterday Brookes almost goes to asleep during the game and the forum goes to sleep with him???

Talking to myself it looks like I have to go to sleep on it as well. Struth if Farah was so inactive he would be in reggies

My grand nephew, Louis, will be the mascot with Raiders captain leading them out today.

Re: Got stuck in traffic … near Suncorp
Postby clokan » Fri 09 Sep, 2016 9:56 pm

Almost happy we didn’t make the eight. If it was us playing the Bronco’s tonight i reckon I would have put my foot through the TV by now. Bronco’s have gotten every fifty fifty call and then some.

Can well understand but our captain would not have said boo - just a job

Ivan Cleary has done quite a nice job re: his daughter, on the pre-game show on 9 yesterday! Good work Ivan!

@Fade To Black:

Ivan Cleary has done quite a nice job re: his daughter, on the pre-game show on 9 yesterday! Good work Ivan!

Ivan the media man


@Fade To Black:

Ivan Cleary has done quite a nice job re: his daughter, on the pre-game show on 9 yesterday! Good work Ivan!

Ivan the media man

As in her being a good sort I meant, not her public speaking prowess 😛

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