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    Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah ready to run Parramatta Eels off their feet
    Date March 23, 2016 - 9:00PM

    Michael Carayannis
    Rugby League Writer
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    Robbie Farah wants to reinvigorate his running game having been left “excited” by the brand of football the Wests Tigers have played in his absence.

    He will play his first game of the season against Parramatta on Monday after injuring his knee in a trial match. During his time on the sidelines, Farah has watched his young teammates, including halves Mitchell Moses and Luke Brooks, develop as genuine attacking threats. Farah said the growth of the duo would ease the playmaking burden he has carried in recent years.

    “My main focus is not so much the ball playing, because I have halves around me who can ball-play which allows me to focus on my running game,” Farah said. “That’s something I’ve worked hard on through the summer. I’m keen to get that element back into my game. That’s been a strength of my footy throughout my career. Probably fell away a little bit last year. I’m looking forward to getting that aspect back.”

    The Tigers won their opening two games before losing to the Titans last Saturday. Moses has led the charge, and Farah said the young halves were evolving.

    “That’s all part of the education of becoming an NRL player and it’s always difficult as a young half so you need to go through those experiences to learn and improve,” Farah said. "Where they are now compared to where they were 18 months ago is chalk and cheese, and now you see the confidence they’re playing with and the improvements they have made.

    "It’s all part of the process of becoming better and going through those tough times. The trust has always been there from day one and we knew we had to be patient with them as well.

    “They’re so young. They have only just turned 21 so I think everyone tends to forget how young they are.”

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  • His personaility may not appeal to most but his footballing ability is top notch

    Very clever player and i wish him all the best for his return.
    One thing for sure is he will do his best

  • If he plays like he played against the Warriors at the end of last yr, no dramas from me.

  • Thought it was gonna be “Farah ready to run……through the hole in the fence”.
    Play a blinder Robbie and show there’s life in the old dog yet. If his wise head can complement the somewhat frantic play of Moses and Brooks without stifling their natural flair then he will be a massive bonus to our side this season

  • He will be wearing a Wests Tigers jumper, so he has my full support.

  • He will kill it this year,we definatley miss his running game and just his general control at times.
    Good to have him back!

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