Joint statement with RLPA on five-day turnarounds

  • The NRL and the RLPA have agreed to a range of measures in order to assist player wellbeing in the event of five-day turnarounds during the 2016 season.

    As part of the measures, the NRL has agreed to fund extra accommodation for travelling teams, as well as pursue extra provisions for Clubs through airline partners.

    In the event of five-day turnarounds involving travel, the NRL will work with clubs to provide extra accommodation in order to reduce the impact of travel, as well as assist with recovery measures where appropriate.

    The NRL is working with its airline partner to provide clubs with complimentary airline lounge memberships, along with other measures designed to reduce the impact of five-day turnarounds.

    “We made a commitment to the RLPA to work with them to limit the impact of five-day turnarounds and we have agreed on some important measures,” NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said.

    “They will all add up to better preparation and recovery for our players.

    “Following our discussions with the RLPA last year about five-day turnarounds, we undertook to explore a range of measures to offset the impact of five-day turnarounds in 2016. These measures will go a long way towards addressing some of those challenges.”

    RLPA General President, Clint Newton, has welcomed the measures.

    “Our players are professional footballers and to perform at their best they need the right support, resources and facilities to prepare and to recover,” said Newton.

    "Importantly the NRL has announced that in 2017 it will target a 25 per cent reduction in the number of five-day turnarounds and we hope that from 2018, when the NRL has control of the draw, there will be a further reduction.

    “We’ll continue to work with clubs and the NRL to find the right balance between protecting player health and safety and recognising the commercial realities of promoting our great game.

    “The best outcome for everyone is to ensure player workloads and the draw, including representative fixtures, allow us to maximise the growth of rugby league, while ensuring the best players are available to play as often as possible.”

  • Five day turnarounds are plenty taxing on teams. Know it added to our loss last week and pretty sure win rates are lower on the back of them.

  • Only one team has won this season off the back of a 5 day turn around, that was the Storm and it was because they were playing a side that was also coming off the back of a 5 day.

  • The Broncos don’t even know there is such a concept as 5day turnarounds. They are still dumbfounded.

    Teams on a 5 day turnaround need to be scheduled to play another team on a 5 day turnaround as much as possible to make it a bit fairer.

  • Haha being a member of the Qantas club should totally resolve the issue.

    Players can surely buy these things if they’ll help on their salaries.

    It’s time, the Broncos’ game schedule, and magical healing powers they generally can’t buy.

  • I feel sorry for the Broncos over the next 2 weeks - they play their usual Friday night game next week but then they have to back up the following round for a Thursday night game. Uncle Wanker will have something to say about that.
    It would be interesting to see how often over the season the broncos play sides that have had a smaller turnaround than them.

  • NRL is supposibly the ‘hardest’ game on the planet. Yet they whinge over 5 day turn arounds.

    I have mentioned this is a previous thread last year. Other sports play way more games a week and travel alot further between games.

    NBA & Soccer being 2 great examples. Play 2 up to 3 games per week and are on the road all the time.
    it makes no difference just because there is physical contact.

    Injuries & fatigue don’t come from contact side of things, but rather the physical & mental endurance side of things.

    NRL harden up & bring back the biff & shoulder charge.

  • @CocaCola:

    Injuries & fatigue don’t come from contact side of things.

    Huh? Injuries aren’t as a result of the contact? Yeah, they are. Not all, but most.

  • Banned

    Hahaha Coca-Cola. …

    The NBA and soccer are hardly comparable to a manly, full contact sport like RL. Basketball is just one long slow beep test whilst soccer is the most unexciting, boring activity humans ever invented. If you get hurt in either sport you are most likely in the top 1% of the world’s biggest pussy association. If it wasn’t for the cost, both those sports could be played daily…

  • NRL 360 showed the scheduling of 5 day turnarounds for the first 20 rounds this season- WT had 4 and some other teams have 0 (Newcastle was one team that has no 5 day turnarounds).
    That is ridiculously unfair IMO. Level playing field my arse.
    Didn’t see how many the Broncos had.

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