Please boys what was that

  • Just watched the most immature attacking display from the Tigers so far this year
    Looks like we are in for another long season
    The only player that knows what Moses is doing is Moses
    And we let Blake Austin go to the raiders for the better of the club
    What a great decision that was
    A bit of maturity in the no6 position would be great right now feel sorry for Woods works hard all game
    What about Tedesco saved 2 tries
    We will be lucky to keep Brooksie as well
    Farah needs to be out there he is not origin hooker for nothing
    What is Taylor doing
    I have Followed the Magpies/ tigers for over 30 years
    Attack brings confidence look at the dogs V Rabbits this week
    Like anything bring these young blokes through too early and who suffers

  • If a player has the talent then they are more than old enough. Brooks and Moses just don’t have the talent (more so in their kicking games than anything else). Simple as that. Alfie Langer was good enough at 17 years of age.

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