Simona & his winger

  • Nofa / Kev combo - it looks brilliant, it works.
    However, the other side of the field - does not.

    Simona is a gun centre and has always lacked a lethal outside man.

    Richards was slow / not creative other than kicking.

    We need to ditch the Rankin experiment and let Josh Addo-Carr jump in and have a go.
    Otherwise we really need to recruit a solid winger than can finish.

  • Banned

    I think Simona has been off. Rankin was good today.

  • Dreaming…
    Rankin has been woeful since pulling on a jersey.

    Don’t see how anyone can defend his pea heart efforts.

  • Had no problem with Rankin, I thought he was quite solid to be honest.

  • agree rankin poor. hunt or addo carr for me

  • LOL Rankin was beyond bad. How can you defend him.

    1. Drop ball cold coming out of our own end
    2. Runs like a waddling duck chasing a cross field kick and can’t make it in time
    3. Drops ball that hit him on the chest just before half time
    4. Trips over his shadow when the ball comes to him with a broken and depleted Parra line in front of him

    You guys are conditioned to accepting mediocrity after years of Fitzhenry, Buchanan etc. Rankin is another in the long line of complete plebs we run out in first grade. A joke.

  • Rankin did his job. Simona was poor today. So were plenty of others unfortunately.

  • I thought Rankin did his job - shame some of the others didn’t do theirs.

  • Rankin makes a run and makes an odd Heinington like Goose step then submits to the tackler.
    Every time.
    He is no threat in attack whatsoever.

    Rubbish player, probably played out of position but simple fact remains, he shouldn’t be there.

  • Rankin did his job. Rankin was reasonable. Rankin is Daniel Fitzhenry Mark 2.

  • Nope, poor effort every game he’s played.
    He’s on a 3 year deal too, lol…

    Maybe when Asipeli signs with the Panthers - this idiot can be the state cup captain.

  • Rankin wouldn’t even have his spot if Justin Hunt didn’t get a freak mysteriosis injury. That notwithstanding he never should have even beaten Addo-Carr out on preseason form.

  • The only major concern i have is Rankins positioning, wrong place at the wrong time

  • He may be a decent player, but he’s a terrible winger. Looks all at sea.

  • @ricksen:

    He may be a decent player, but he’s a terrible winger. Looks all at sea.

    unfortunately you have hit the nail on the head

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