2015 8-0 Cowboys v 2016 8-0 Parra

  • While both games were extremely frustrating to watch, i don’t think yesterday pails anywhere in comparison to the bore fest that was the Cowboys game, and there were far more positives. Against the Cowboys, they were depleted due to Origin and they threw nothing at us, and conversely we threw nothing at them.

    Yesterday, we defended our guts out. Parra threw a lot at us, and their only try came on a decision you could argue was dubious. The downside is that we didn’t score a point obviously, but our attack isn’t always going to be that disjointed. If our attack can click and we keep up that defensive effort then we will no doubt make some noise this yr.

    Last thing, i want to highlight a comment JT made in the presser. I’m paraphrasing, but he said for yrs this club’s reputation has been built on attack. Idk about anyone else, but i’m tired of that reputation, like we’re one trick ponies. He’s spot on focusing on our defence. And being a defence minded team does not mean you have to be boring in attack. A lot of people i’ve heard opinions on this seem to think it’s either one extreme or the other. That it’s either 2005 style, or the 5 tackle, bomb style. There is a happy medium there that can cater to both and i think that’s what Taylor is working for. He just needs to tell his halves to not be so kick happy when they constantly go for the hero play. Tedesco should be sticking to Moses and Brooks like glue like Slater does with Cronk, Stewart does with DCE etc. He spends too much time chiming in out wide. He needs the short inside ball through the middle. Also the grubber kick combination with Brooks that seems to have disappeared. These are the things the halves need to be doing as opposed to low percentage kicks to the wingers before the last.

  • Yesterday was far more encouraging.

    We had multiple chances but we did not take them.

    The balance in our performance was good yesterday we just had real poor execution of the opportunities we created.

    It wasnt a 1 Million miles away from being a really good win.

  • JT was happy both times. Really if you hold a team to 8 points you should win the game.

  • Both were yawn-a-thons not worth paying the entrance money to see the game. It kills the crowds.

  • We seem to be the worst team I’ve seen at converting bombs into tries. I barely ever see our guys score off a bomb.

    The opposing teams always seem to take our bombs uncontested.

    Just sayin, there needs to be another way.

  • 2 completely different games but 2 games where you felt we are STILL rebuilding. One game was the cold and dewy winters night and yesterday a barmy Autumn afternoon. One game conducive to free flowing the other just playing percentages footy.
    I didn’t see the game yesterday but heard it and felt we competed with parra for the entire game. 20 min of good quality and 60 of droppsys and incoherent play. But strangely our opponents were very similar to us.
    I do think we put more to parra than vice versa however if we had Foran playing for us we would have won by 10-12.

  • Banned

    Same result but chalk and cheese. The Cows game was a disgrace to the game. It was so far below first grade standard execution it was not funny. Yesterday we were in it right up till the end yet couldn’t get it done…partly due to Parra D and partly due to ineptitude

    I’m cranky we didn’t win yesterday but saw a lot to be enthused by. After the Cows game I knew we’d come last. Big differences…

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