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    Referees: Adam Devcich, Chris James
    Sideline Officials: Russell Turner, Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski
    Video Referees: Ben Galea, Matt Cecchin, Luke Patten

    I like the way Devcich says We Have a T-T-T-R-Y but still… :bash

  • Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

    What a name.

  • At least Adam Devcich and Chris James don’t hate us.

    I think we should get 50% of the calls - can’t ask for more.

    Go! - you Mighty Tigers.

  • I dont discriminate against any ref …there all weirdos in my book …!

  • Not one of the better refs going around but don’t think it will matter on Saturday. We will be comfortably beaten imo

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  • Whats Chicken legs Cecchin doing in the Bunker ?
    I don’t mind him out there on the paddock

    Much better than old mate Bage

    Robbie comes on last game and all I hear is the flamin Refs calling him out
    Him and Woodsy are guilty even if they are miles away from the play (in the refs eyes anyway)

  • @Russell:

    At least Adam Devcich and Chris James don’t hate us.

    I think we should get 50% of the calls - can’t ask for more.

    Go! - you Mighty Tigers.


  • Anybody that thinks any ref goes into a game with an agenda need to take a good look at themselves.

  • Banned

    I really struggle to get my head around so many plays during games where u see a team penalised, then the opposition are allowed to do the same indescrestion time and again.

    There was a period in the 2nd half where we could have received 3 or 4 penalties for things we were penalised for. But for some reason more discretion is allowed for one team iver another. Happens every week every game.

  • I’m just about certain that Chris James suffers from some sort of mental disability. Let’s not be too harsh on him.

  • Today’s nufties obviously struggle to judge forward passes. They only saw one all game and no prizes for guessing which team was pinged.

  • We have Simona on report this week.

    Have we put these two so called referees on report?

    All anyone asks for is consistency, we did not get it today, (agree with you King Sirro), and the Titans didn’t get it last night from Horsehead and the Badge.

    This game of ours will never go ahead unless something is done about consistency and it better be done fairly quickly - I think most people are fed up.

    Take note Mr Archer and Mr Greenberg and stop putting your heads in the sand thinking nobody notices some teams are favored above others.

    It is as obvious as Malcolm Turnbull’s pointy head.

  • The voluntary tackle will make lowlights reels… Ref’s should be ashamed of themselves

  • Gallen has too much sway with refs. He didn’t get his way with the obstruction call, but he got a string of calls go his way after that which had a big effect keeping the Tigers out of the game.

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