Edwards, Parahi help with Reading Program

  • Courtesy of the official Wests Tigers website:

    Edwards, Parahi help with Reading Program

    Dan Talintyre (Twitter: @dantalintyre)
    Wed 30th March, 03:43PM

    Wests Tigers forwards Joel Edwards and Jesse Parahi helped out with a Reading Program today at St. Peter Chanel Catholic School in Regents Park today.

    After finishing training, the pair spent time with a Group of Year Four students — answering questions about their memories of school and favourite subjects, as well as questions about their lives as footballers and how that impacts on their learning.

    As part of a program designed to educate students on the importance of reading, Edwards and Parahi then opened up a book and read it to the class, getting the children involved as well by selecting different kids to read a page each in front of the group.

    The pair were also presented with their own books as a thank-you present from the class.


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