Leivaha Pulu

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leivaha_Pulu

    Born: 27 March 1990 (age 26)
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Height: 192 cm (6 ft 4 in)
    Weight: 110 kg (17 st 5 lb)

    Everyone is loving this guy at the moment.
    Hairy beast that has been coming off the bench for the Gold Coast Titans.

    Use to be a part of the NYC Tigers team.
    He was 18th man back in 2009 NYC Grand final that we lost to the Melb storm.

    Good to see him making a name for himself

  • Wish we had him.

  • Wouldn’t get picked ahead of Lovett or Buchanan

  • @Sabre:

    Wouldn’t get picked ahead of Lovett or Buchanan

    Lovett has been going pretty well.
    Buc hasn’t made any impact other than stopping big bodies coming through our middle
    Things would be different if it was like NRL fantasy or SuperCoach
    where everyone could choose their own 1-17 …independently of everyone else

  • @Sabre:

    Wouldn’t get picked ahead of Lovett or Buchanan

    Is he that bad.

  • Banned


    Lovett has been going pretty well.

    He was really good against Parra. I had just written him off despite not writing him off prior to that game. Now I think he may make it as a first grader.

    He does work hard and has a good motor. If he can make a bust or learn to really whack them he may be a good player.

  • Lovett has been good in 2016. He is a young backrower who works hard and will get better and better over the next few years. His problem has been playing too many minutes at his age. Aloia gets 20 minutes and everyone thinks he is great but Lovett at a similar age is playing 70 or 80 mins and of course he struggle sometimes but we don’t have the depth or quality or in reality in 2016 the injury free runs of our starting team for him to also play 20 mins.

    On Pulu lets see him play a full season

  • Saying Lovett has been good in 2016 is stretching it a bit too far .
    He has been OK IMO
    I use Luke Lewis as a comparison for many 2nd rowers and KL is miles behind ATM
    He tries but NOT too hard, he needs to push harder to gain the respect he lacks (from many)

  • @goldcoast tiger:


    Wouldn’t get picked ahead of Lovett or Buchanan

    Is he that bad.

    No idea.
    Bit it was more of a comment on our coach than Pulu.

  • Interesting, I thought I recognised the name.

    Taken him a while to get to firsts, but he certainly looks the part. Same with that lad at the Roosters, Vunakece.

  • Half the Forum would of classed him as a plodder since 2009 if we’d kept him and said he was one of Sheens /Potter’s /Taylor’s favourites

    Wonder what dressing room he would of been in ??

  • Don’t really recall him but he played well last night. Good on him for having another crack at first grade. The Titans looked better when he was on the field with his strong runs.

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