This is not meant to be a “bash Farah thread”.

Its very noticable that Farah is not the player he used to be. Thought Ennis was all over him last nite. In fact if SOO was picked on form only, it would be difficult to pick Farah over a few hookers ATM.

Can’t remember the last time he broke the line or was sharp around the ruck and play the ball. He’s got a big heart but don’t know if his heart in 100% in it anymore.

Don’t know if Taylor has ground him down but he doesn’t look the happiest player on the ground ATM. Throw in 3 penalties against his name last night and it starts to reflect quite badly on his overall performance.

All players eventually get past their best. Just a pity when they cost you $900k a year.

Considering you didn’t want to start a ‘bash Farah’ thread then why did you?
He was one of our best players yesterday - where do you put the rest of the team?
He’s certainly not to blame for the loss.

I thought he was a lot better last night and I was critical of him last week. Got us over the advantage line well enough,

People want him to not overplay his hand and he did that. Maybe he should have put a few kicks in as our halves decided kicking on the last was not needed at times.

Agree re Ennis though has been far superior the last 2 years.

I was waiting for another Farah bashing thread and here it is. I’m surprised it has taken this long. It’s pathetic and discraceful. Th guy improves from his last performance but so called supporters can’t help themselves.

And Ennis is a muppet and will never be in Farahs class.

He was better than last week, though still doesn’t look 100% fit. Ennis won on points yesterday.

A managerial type guy told me months ago that how could Farah go out and “die” for the club after JT episode. But did he with Woods pass around set up one of the tries? Were those 3 penalties throughly deserved and why wasn’t Ennis penalised for interfering with one of our defenders against Barba? If that try was disallowed it could have been a different game. Then you would be blaming Ennis.

But I can still see your point, I think needs a few games along with what Russell was saying in Moses thread to sort things out. I am not sure if have best coach to do so - who ever had a hand in choosing the new captain I don’t have that much faith in.

Farah was great yesterday and I criticised his performance last week. Great in defence, ran strongly and put people over the advantage line. Its a simple equation really in out own half the attack should run out of Farah and in the opposition half it should revert to Brooks/Moses.

I thought Farah went well, not at his best yet but still makes a positive difference. As for Ennis, the ref regularly spoke to him about his behaviour and threatened to penalise him but all talk no action.

Just as Ennis yesterday should have been penalised for interfering with a defender he has consistently over the years gave away deliberate penalties in SOO, he cant help himself - and years ago Bulldogs were my second team when at their best and I had strong links in the area.

Ennis has had some ordinary patches of form over his career and has been a complete dud at SOO level, but there’s no great shame in being outpointed by Ennis in a club game at the moment. He’s been fantastic for Cronulla over the last year and a bit. I can’t stand the bloke and I don’t think he has any great natural talent (other than a talent for being a jerk), but he’s performing well.


I thought Farah went well, not at his best yet but still makes a positive difference. As for Ennis, the ref regularly spoke to him about his behaviour and threatened to penalise him but all talk no action.

I agree… Robbie was one of our best

Ennis has a perfect storm of a situation at Cronulla. Plays alongside numerous other pests like Gallen and Fifita, has a coach that promotes their preferred disruptive style of play and doesn’t have much expectation in terms of media pressure or SOO hopes (given that Daley picks the team in pre-season).
The Sharks main MO is to niggle and rile the opposition into errors, and they worked us over perfectly yesterday - was very disappointing that we fell for their antics.
It’s the main reason I don’t think they’ll come close to winning anything anytime soon - when the going gets tough, this style of football just won’t work.

He was alright. I’m not sold at all on Cherrington yet. Ballin should come in for him as soon as he gets some match fitness in the lower grades.

Gee, I was just thinking we might be better playing Farah for 80 minutes just at the moment.

Cherrington needs state cup minutes to get match fit. Some of his defence last night was terrible. I am starting to think that Liddle is the better long term hooking option

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