Carbon copy of us *SPOILERS

Watching the warriors game today and gee they play just like us….leading 20-8 with 7 min left in first half too being behind 13 min after half time 26-20

Talk about carbon copy…
The Warriors just conceded a penalty.
Roosters decided to take the 2 points.
The kick hit the post and bounced back to the Roosters.
The Warriors then conceded another penalty.
This time the Roosters successfully kicked the penalty goal.

How good is Tui Lolohea. Andrew McFadden should be fired into the sun having him on the wing and Robson plodding in the halves. Johnson and Lolohea would tear teams to pieces in the halves.

Message to Mark O’Neill… Sign Lolohea and play him in the halves next to Moses.

Carbon copy of us except that we didnt bring in a few million dollars worth of outsiders into our club this season.
Wish we had the sort of bank account the Warriors have to cherry-pick the best talent from other NRL squads.
We are struggling ATM but are going as well as probably should be expected with our cash-strapped club. Can’t make a silk purse outta a sow’s ear.

Seems to be quite a few games where teams get out to a lead… Only to see that e slip later

Momentum in the game these days is hard to stop

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