Video ref overturning decisions

  • What a shemozzle that situation is. If the video ref/ bunker whatever it is has the footage to overturn an on-field decision after a knock on/strip/lost ball etc then I think they should have the power to do so- if a ref makes a dud call that is proven wrong on the replay then the video ref should overrule. As it is they step in to overrule some but not others that are equally as blatant- it is a lottery and a farce. Its either one or the other when it comes to the influence a video ref can have.
    Video ref overturns a decision today in the Parra vs Penrith game but a clear as day strip on a Newcastle player by Storm yesterday in 2nd half is obvious on the replay but ignored by video-ref. Crazy situation IMO.

  • It’s not much of an encouragement to pack a scrum in a timely manner. If they had started the scrum a second earlier, its Parra’s ball.

  • Warriors should have got a penalty try today.

  • Yep its a lottery at best. The video ref has the best view of a contentious situation. When there is a stop in play and the video shows what actually happened they need to be able to step in every time- not just once in a blue friggin moon when it suits.

  • there was one of these decisions in the souths manly game the other night, replays showed the wrong decision had been made by the ref, possesion went to the wrong team, , there was time to over rule but they didnt, manly ended up scoring off the next play iirc

  • The way technology is going we might one day see the day when the refereeing of matches is fully controlled from the Bunker. That would be fun.

  • Banned

    Refereeing standards in general have been disgraceful this year.

    • Players will commit unpunished professional fouls to advantage their team.
    • Dummy-halves throw forward pass after forward pass without being called up.
    • Late in the game, referees will demand obscenely quick plays of the ball to even up penalty counts.
    • The NRL Bunker seem to pick and choose what they want to look at.
    • Defensive lines are ALWAYS off-side. Watch any player close to the ruck on the last tackle. Guarantee they’re off-side. In the SYDvWAR game today, I saw a player 2m in front of the ref before the play of the ball had taken place.

    Why can’t the Bunker rule on forward passes? It works in Union.
    Why can’t they draw a line to rule off-side? It works in Football.

  • @Yossarian:

    Warriors should have got a penalty try today.

    If not that then ten in the bin for Guerrra!

    I couldnt believe it!

  • @criwdfluffer:


    Warriors should have got a penalty try today.

    If not that then ten in the bin for Guerrra!

    I couldnt believe it!

    I said penalty try when I saw it live……then on replay thought not 100% Hoffman scores but for guerra not to go to bin was a glaring issue.
    Perhaps the bunker should have given a heads up to the ref or archer should get chechin to write 1000 lines on the professional foul in scoring a try rule.

  • I might have one orange eye and one black eye but every time they go up stairs for one of our trys they spend ages trying their hardest to find some way of not giving it the green light and when the other mob score they spend ages trying to find a reason to give it.

    Maybe I am just paranoid!!!

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