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    When are the NRL going to do something about this? I have seen at least five go unpunished this weekend, it’s so bad. In the first 20 minutes of the Dogs/Raiders game - Tony Williams intentionally trips a player (not even put on report) and a couple of sets later, Dogs are steaming down the field and Canberra concede two penalties in three tackles slowing the play of the ball down.

    I’m sick and tired of these sackless referees and the faceless NRL. Professional fouls are a blight on the game.

  • The whole of the NRL’s supposed rules and procedures is just a comical, embarrassing farce TBH.
    The concussion rule states something along the lines that if a player is showing concussion symptoms ie: stumbling or falling over they are to be replaced immediately for an assessment or supposedly the club is up for hefty fines etc. Peter Wallace in the Panthers vs Dragons game was so dazed and/or concussed that he crawled on all fours for a few metres before using the upright to steady himself as he stood……yet Penrith kept him out on the field and it was not even mentioned or looked at by the NRL during the post-round wash up. It was so blatant it was ridiculous yet they get away with not so much as a warning.
    WT got fined 2 seasons ago for allowing Liam Fulton to resume playing after a head knock and I’m pretty sure it was nowhere near as obvious or serious-looking as the Wallace incident.
    Make up the rules as you go…it is a bloody shambles in every aspect.

  • Can’t disagree there. That Wallace incident was complete b.s. Asked in the post match presser how he was at the time, he responded “I was ok.” Our players would’nt have gotten away with that. And our club would have been stung both financially as well as hammered in the press. Professional fouls are an every day thing now. Every single game has a plethora of them but without a sin binning for 5 minute option, there’s no chance things will change.

  • Could not agree more.
    If the refs enforced the sin bin more often, you will see a reduction on these indiscretions and a better game. The players play to what is allowed by the refs.
    For instance, Parramatta’s line speed is boarding on offside every play. Of the hell DeGois can get off his line that quick to put pressure on a kicker from 15m out is beyond me as the bloke doesnt even have the speed to get out of dummy half to make a break against a lazy defender.
    And markers stepping out and slapping the hookers hands before clearing the ruck is another issue i have.
    Why have a pocket ref at all???
    The moment these refs show some balls and common sense, the quicker we will see the crap cut out of the game and back to the game we want to watch.

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