Nathan Milone

I just don’t get it, he’s a 3rd rate plodder! Sincerely hope I’m wrong and he tears it up though.

I think everyone agrees with everything you said mate

Yeah. I don’t understand it. He’s more likely to cost us a game than win one. Our left edge with him and Rankin is not going to threaten the Knights.

Go hard boy, stuff the haters.

People have long complained about tigers coaches moving blokes out of position and not giving NSW cup players a run. Well we lost a left centre and we replaced him with the left centre from NSW Cup. That is what everyone has called for for years under Sheens and Potter and even under Taylor and now its happens you complain.

I hope Milone does well he wasn’t great in defence last year in FG, but he is a year older, another off season, more experience and playing in a full strength side other then himself wheras last year it was a rabelle with injury by the time he came in.

Last yr he was given a chance when I feel he wasn’t ready or up to it. However at least he has seen the level first hand he has to reach… hopefully he’s worked hard to get there.

i hope he has a blinder

i havent seen much of him so i dont know why the forum hates him but i guess ill get a good look today

Have we ever won a game with Milone in the team ?

Nice pass over the sideline

Calling him a reserve grader would be an insult to reserve graders. He’s a pub footballer.

OMG, why is he even playing no size, not fast enough, can’t pass, can he tackle ?? Mck should have been there. Need to go looking for a goal kicker, I thought JT was a good goal kicker in his days, is he coaching our kickers how to goal kick ??

Very average so far but he played his part in that last try by going inside when brooks indicated…

When a prop can make it back on a break and not a center you know things are bad.

Halftime assessment so far:

Dumb holding the ball penalty given
Terrible pass over the sideline
Ankle tap mid field and no urgency to run back onside within 2 tackles

Showed nothing to suggest he should be playing top grade.

The pass he through was ok that was Rankin’s error more then his.

Otherwise he was solid coming up the grade especially given the performance of blokes paid 10 times as much as he is like Brooks,

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