Press conference

Woods looking pretty frustrated and upset too. Reckons his ankle is fine but will have scans tomorrow.

He looks as peeved off as I am watching todays effort but what is he going to do during the week to try and turn it around, I am not hopeful of a dramatic change next Sunday.

I hope jt holds that miserable scowl all week and woodsy keeps his cranky pants on.
For once I agree with our coach. We NEED to be tougher!
Similarly he needs to be tougher on them.

That presser offered SFA….we all know he will trott out the same 17 next week and the same errors will happen.
I’m nearly over it!!!

taylor wasnt happy which we all understand but as usual took no responsibility for his selections.he mentioned 2nd balls flying around at training as if our players should expect it on the field.In my 50 years of watching football i have never seen a situation where an opposition player kicks a 2nd football at a player trying to catch the ball until today.Not taylors fault but his selections are.

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