Farah lost us the game tonight

No he DIDNT.!!
For all giving him a serve for no reason please get off his back

Played 80 Mins > 96meters > 40 Tackles and no Missed tackles.
What did he do wrong ?


I am probably classed as one of Robbie’s biggest fans on here.

However I will always call a spade a spade and he was incredibly average out there.

Other hookers in the comp are playing so much better.

Robbie tried his guts out, and tackles well but he is slow as a wet week.

Laurie has seriously got the blinkers on if he is going to pick him for origin.

He tries hard and makes many tackles but his service from dummy half is too slow. Why does he constantly take two or three steps before passing? It just crowds those outside him. I’d play him at lock

I am not sure whether he is getting old, or is deliberately being selfish, but I not that:

  • His service out of dummy half is painfully slow & the passes are flat
  • his attempts to milk penalties are just annoying
  • when we are on the attack, he keeps popping up at 1st and second receiver
  • his annoying and predictable little grubbers from dummy half (but then again I wouldn’t be relying on our halves to produce).
    He might go alright in the ESL

may not have been our best today but he didn’t lose the game

Wow……i thought he was our best, constantly asked questions of the defense,tackles his arse off.

I must have been watching a different game!

I cant disagree with anyone about his pace, yes he is not the quickest out of dummy half and getting slower with age.
He provides so many more options being there, one of his kicks cost us 7 sets but him kicking at anytime is a real threat to the opposition
Certainly takes the pressure off our directionless halves presently

We must have been very average cause I thought he was one of our best….if the rest of the team had his attitude once he crosses the sideline.…wed be in a much better place

Fair dinkum imbociles you mob!!!

I didn’t think he was that bad at all. I do agree his ball service out of dummyhalf is no longer crisp but he’s hardly the reason we lost.

Gotta laugh at the Farah bashing, he didn’t lose us the game today. Too much dropped ball from outside backs, key forwards getting injured, halves making too many blunders.

Yes he is past his best but he is still our best no 9.Service is slower than it used to be but is still a threat with runs and kicking and provides more options in attack than our halves.i will be happy if he goes to esl in 2017 but this year we need him on the field.

It will be an interesting selection when Ballin gets back. Liddle should be signed as the long term option.


It will be an interesting selection when Ballin gets back. Liddle should be signed as the long term option.

Ballin drama will shape up Round 10 but in the meantime we have bigger issues 😦

17 blokes were the reason we lost today

Some need to take more responsibility than others

Brooks is starting to become another Marshall

The more times Moses get his hands on the ball the better , not that Moses was much better today

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