Buckets has some big calls to make

Looking at the draw we could easily extend this losing streak to 7 or 8 matches. Im just looking at things clinically. Last year we lost at last placed Newcastle and went on a similar terrible run.

Can anyone see us beating Melbourne, Canberra, Souths or Canterbury in the next 4 weeks? Our performances are getting progressively worse not better and the opponents are about to get harder!!

By then the papers will be all over us again with the usual stories of trouble in the camp. The crowds will start to fall off the tree again and the depths of winter would have well and truly kicked in

Does he Potentially pull the trigger on the coach mid season?? Would bringing in a new coach mid season really make any difference with this squad

Does he go all out to tie up 1.4 Mill of our cap for the next couple of seasons on potential and not performance in the 2 young halves??

How on earth can we as a club recruit 1 or 2 proven winners that can change the culture of the club? (Like a Gareth Ellis)

No real honeymoon period for Buckets he will have to start earning his money!

What calls would you make if in charge?

He sure has

‘‘Do you want Pepperoni or ham and pineapple on your pizza Faf?’’

Unfortunately he can’t really make any calls. He will get to work around the outcomes. Lawrence, Moses & Brooks all have big money contracts for next year with the option in their favour, meaning that if they choose to take up the option, the tigers will need to pay them. Robbie is also under contract for next year. We will be able to sign some reserve graders and a rookie coach.

After the beer and Pizza fiasco - undermining Taylor -

The first big call he should make is give himself an uppercut and then sack himself.

CTRL + A, Delete. Everything. Find Tedesco and press CTRL removing him from the all command. Right click, Move to recycling bin. Right click, Empty. Then start from scratch. I’ve no idea what the reason is behind the cataclysmic slump is but you only have to look at Woodsy in the post match presser to see that the camp is just down.

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